Our feelings brother is Zheng brother inspirational Entrepreneurship

Zhengzhou University a "brother feelings" in snowy night night singing, bring them warmth. Playing in the evening of the campus, seems to be a very lonely thing, in fact, the feelings can not. He was brother, through business earned 2 suites 3 cars in three years.


11 23, Zhengzhou ushered in the first snow this winter, the minimum temperature dropped to minus 2 degrees, the night, the new campus of Zhengzhou University Houde Avenue intersection, a boy holding a guitar, attracted many students listen. "So sentimental song, listen to the whole people warm!" Student Sun Lijin recorded this scene with a cell phone.

this winter is the senior song with

together to see the snowThe

"an umbrella can not cover all of his shoulders, arms are covered with snow, the feeling so that this winter is not cold." Micro-blog, a student made a picture of Yiren and snowy night pictures, many students comments forwarded.

@fireorflyer: This is the University, you will never forget the good memories.

@ Xiangyang one fool: after graduation, leave, love.

@zzu small Qi son: this winter there are seniors singing together to see the snow.

@ sang static: sing time, sing the youth.

I said I

@ Liu Binyu: this feeling let snow is more beautiful, the feeling that we don’t fear the cold. As a senior Yiren point a praise, heard playing behind the fingers are not perception, but a song. Good warm!

"is the spur of the moment, think of snow is a particularly romantic moment, should share with you, thank you very much for students in the snow to accompany me, listen to me sing." The snowy night singing sparked heated debate on micro-blog, Zhang Yiren someaccidents.

12 months, Zheng He is going back to a livehouse shop, providing live music and providing free musical instrument teaching for each activity. This store is not profitable, I just want a more intense atmosphere of music to his alma mater, providing a place for love to dream together music alumni."

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