D re investment of 10 million yuan angel investment of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping

speed transit network December 15th news today morning, according to sources, a fast fashion website VCOTTON cotton has been co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping’s investment, the news has been confirmed by the cotton company.

according to the sources, Xu Xiaoping is the co-founder of New Oriental angel investor identity VCOTTON D investment, investment amount of more than 10 million yuan. After the completion of the investment, Xu Xiaoping became the second largest shareholder of the company, the former largest shareholder of the company in the top third, Wang Feng, chairman of the board is still in the top second.


, VCOTTON D founder Lin Wei said in an interview, the company has obtained new Oriental co-founder Xu Xiaoping angel investment, the amount of more than 10 million yuan. Lin Wei said, many institutional investors have expressed willingness to consider investment intentions, the company has just started, is still the main focus should be on the business side, so after discussions with Wang Feng decided to temporarily accept Xu Xiaoping in angel investment properties. He also said that the funds are mainly used for recruitment, purchase and marketing three aspects.

cotton company was founded by former executives of Jinshan Lin Wei, located in the high level customers, business personal clothing brand. At present, the main sales of cotton including men and women, children and the mismatched, cotton products. Since October 25th on the line, had created 8 days more than the results of the 1000 single. Wang Feng as chairman of the investment as an individual, responsible for capital operation, strategic direction and other work, the financing is dominated by the completion of the Wang Feng. (wheat)

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