The three key steps of the network marketing

network marketing of the three major steps, grasping the potential, the transaction, chasing sales!

I’ve written two blogs in front of

, how to discover potential customers and how to attract potential customers. There are also a number of ways to grab potential customers.

now this blog detailed and share with you,

What is the catch

hidden catch is to pave the way for the transaction, do the foundation, you must first have a potential customer before the transaction. Perhaps you use the letter to clinch a deal, perhaps you use the phone to clinch a deal, perhaps you face to face transactions, but before the transaction, you have to have their own potential customers, no potential customers, you can not deal. So in order to seize the potential customers, you have to go to other people "fish pond" to catch potential". Very simple, because you want every customer, have been someone else’s customers.

imagine, every customer you want, his life can not live in a vacuum, he must have other needs, other dreams, he needs to buy other products and services, when the products he buy and your products are similar enough, that this "fish" in the "fish, a very high percentage of you want to" fish ", is your potential customers.

so this is the basis of the "fish pond theory", "every fish you want, or every potential customer, is a fish in the fish pond".

so you do not need to go fishing in the sea, it is very hard, do not need to spread the leaflets on the road, the success rate of only 1/1000, or even lower. You want to go to other people’s "fish pond", and others to establish a win-win model, so that he would be willing to put his fish recommended to you. So you borrowed his credibility, the ease of your transaction will increase by 10 times…… 20 times…… So your marketing is from someone else’s "fish pond" began.

the emphasis here is on the "catch the unspoken", what is called "catch potential"? You must grasp the person’s name, email address, which is the least, and if you can get his phone number, get his home address better! You get more information, the quality of potential customers is higher, the possibility of your subsequent transaction is greater.

here to emphasize a point, you said that this man has come to my website to turn a circle, it is useless, it is not called "catch potential", because you didn’t catch him. You have to catch him, you need to have his name, telephone number, home address, this time called "catch potential".

from now on, if you first deal earned money, which of course "capable of evoking praises and tears but more importantly," did you get his list ", build customer database.

I said, everyone to buy your products and services, there is an ideal picture, have a dream, a plan, he is not alone to buy your products and services, what he needs is to realize their dreams and blueprint, but his own dream and the blueprint requires many steps need to be.

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