After the final significant chaos boxing tricks Wanda electricity supplier bumpy road

introduction: Wanda and Suning "gossip" long-standing, finally take practical action to end outside speculation.


Wanda and Suning’s scandal for a long time, and finally to the end of the actual action of the speculation. The morning of September 6th, they officially released a major strategic cooperation, Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda Plaza, Wanda Department store, become the important main shop; and Wanda will also help Su ningyun in the rich variety of goods, strengthen the experience of consumption, the transition to the electricity supplier.

Prior to

, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent jointly funded the establishment of the "fifast net", Wanda Group to integrate offline resources to create O2O business platform; Suning and Ali also has "knot" strategic mutual investment. The cooperation will indirectly Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba three Internet giants have come in, can be described as the history of the most luxurious lineup.

and ironically, this cooperation is also the traditional Wanda shopping platform boss " " in order to cope with the storm breakout move Internet companies are forced to make.

"boss" predicament: good land, opponents sent a team of air force

China Wanda Plaza is the largest line of business under the platform, by 2015, the number of Wanda Plaza is expected to reach 135, passenger traffic reached 2 billion passengers; by 2020 the number reached 500, the annual passenger traffic more than 10 billion passengers.

however, in stark contrast with this gorgeous data, the Chinese retail industry in the strong attack by the electricity supplier is increasingly grim reality. By 2014, the scale of online shopping transactions has reached 2 trillion and 800 billion, or even more than the top 100 domestic entities retail sales (2 trillion and 100 billion). The first half of this year, the turnover of the area including shops, office buildings and other products, only 246 thousand and 200 square meters, down 4.46% over last year; transacted 2857 units, compared with the same period last year fell by nearly 30%.

business was able to produce such a huge impact on the traditional retail sector, partly because the domestic retailers development history is very short, before the electricity supplier emerged only 6 years of development time, roots are still between consumers and producers is not deep enough, therefore when the electricity supplier swept the barriers are not strong enough the sniper; on the other hand, with the domestic real estate industry rise, store rental costs are high. With the cost advantage, the electricity supplier quickly captured the retail industry Heights, many stores have closed their doors under the impact of electricity providers. This also led directly to the traditional shopping malls, such as Wanda, Carrefour and other places before the air rate has improved, some remote areas of the vacancy rate reached 10%. In July this year, Wanda Department closed in Ji’nan, Tangshan, Wenzhou and other regions a total of 40 serious loss of stores, some stores have also been adjusted for

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