E commerce marketing strategy value execution

e-commerce era, whether you are confused

we are entering the era of e-commerce, companies can expand market channels online. Online market for everyone there is no limit, but in the face of no marginal market, many people began to feel confused, do not know how to act as. A variety of media, the era of e-commerce marketing strategy, need more than traditional marketing, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of direction. The professor Carleton University from the individual perspective, first from two aspects of search engine marketing circle and speaking.

a search engine is an important channel

huge increase in Internet information, search engine users will be one of the tools. When the Internet users to complete the search behavior, it may be natural to search your site, if your site is ranked in front of the search results, naturally when the potential users to take the initiative. So the role of search engine marketing no doubt.

two, must have their own circle

every day there are a lot of people in the use of search engines, even if your website ranking, access to contact with the opportunity. But he may just be a fit, to let a stranger to accept a new product, need to pay a small cost. So, with the next line of the market, when there is a good business district, naturally contribute to business.

each industry has more or less circle, or in accordance with the interests of the sort of circle. If you can put the circle of good business, we are familiar with each other, when there is a demand, and when you feel the product can also be, so the possibility of an acquaintance with you is not big deal? Then the rest of his circle of friends, also have the same requirements, probably so, you product information has been spread to another circle. As a result, the efficiency of information dissemination to you, rather than purely by the efficiency of search engine is not fit for the channel is much higher in

?For example,

clothing is a very broad industry, you are in Taobao or Alibaba on a search, you will find many in the fashion business. If you get into some circles, serious business circles, will help you to develop business? Such as you do the fashion business, you through your circle or group, cultivate a circle of fans, the value of this circle will have much


value is king, the execution is simply

whether you do search engine marketing, or multimedia marketing, or business circle. Value is the most important criterion. Enter the Wangwang group, will be very impressed, mostly in the group are advertising a flying. Some people are hand made spam advertising information, some of the so-called marketing software. In fact, including the hair of people know, how many people will be interested to see spam, but the probability of a mere touch, as someone clicks, and even the concept of the transaction is much, it is unknown.

often hear people say that network marketing is not the case, but…

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