Wangzhuan switch of the road so hard so results

April, planning to the road, hoping to find a way to make money more stable, I chose Taobao. Do the children’s clothing, and later made a sock.

from the store to buy up to about half a month’s time, and now the results are five-star, 167. Half a month’s time, so hard to do!

is the first to purchase Shanghai, then take pictures, shelves, because we are the first to do, did not dare Yahuo, each style only into a, thus increasing the workload, pictures, shelves to now have not completed.

is more difficult to promote, this point has been done before the network promotion, so in the above. Recommended for membership messages on a local forum mode, is the flagship of the mono crystal stockings in a pack of five double, for only 4.5 yuan! So many members react to our delivery. Some time to a praise, to run tens of miles back and forth, but we insist on the


here I would like to say is that the way the message is recommended to have the effect of the forum, identify the target customers to be introduced, just do some tired.

said my rising star road, in the early 30% is your friend to help; then all real transactions occur, but please do some hands and feet in the scene, such as a membership to a product, I asked him to shoot into several packages, which produce several.

does not make money make money?! is almost zero profit sale, so a user most once bought 160 pairs of socks and office colleagues together.

how hard: to give a few examples, perhaps we will know.

: a case said a pack of door-to-door in the local Taobao group, a member in order to test the truth, really as long as the package, asked us to send them off, back and forth about 25-30 in length, the price is 4.5 yuan (even without cost can earn up to 4.5 yuan, not to mention a the package of five pairs of socks), we said Mona sent him! We are really sent, and then added three different products, we obtained four.

case two: a law firm in Shenzhen, a woman called to ten pairs of stockings, really is a big business, earn 20 dollars, she said she did not want to Alipay, cash on delivery, I said no, she said let colleagues shoot it, I said it can the. When the goods arrived, she said the color is wrong. On the phone, she said that the color is, our products are skin color, in the product description is not black and gray. But after the arrival of the goods she insisted was said over the phone that the colors are black and gray, not color, also threatened to let us do not go down, then the order is in the phone book, and then said to her colleagues to shoot, so there is no evidence left behind. In desperation, we withdrew 15 dollars, he agreed!

I really think impassability, in Shenzhen, 15 dollars what? Why can speak nonsense, do.

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