Forget flying or driving this bus lets you sleep from San Francisco

first_imgHaving to stay awake on a long drive can be a real drag. That’s why the idea of a rolling bunkhouse makes so much sense.That’s exactly what SleepBus is. Fill it up with your friends, and it’s like a summer camp cabin on wheels. You and your friends can sit around sipping cocoa and singing along to Kumbaya as you stream it on the free Wi-Fi all the way from San Francisco to L.A in air-conditioned comfort at sane, legal speeds.How does SleepBus compare to flying? Based on a quick Google Flights search, flying from SFO to LAX will run you about $200 for a round trip. The flight lasts about an hour and a half, but tack on the recommended hour or two you need to check in and clear security, and you’re creeping up on a four-hour journey.For half the price (just $48 each way), SleepBus will let you stretch out and snooze while they take care of the driving. The Bus leaves San Francisco at 11PM and gets in to L.A. around 6AM, which is a perfect time to travel. If you’re going to be sound asleep anyway, why not use that time to get from point A to point B and save yourself some cash?Sure, there are buses that will take you on the same journey for even less money, but isn’t it worth an extra $15 or so to get a real bed to sleep on instead of a seat to slump over in? A bed that you get all to yourself?It’s an interesting take on travel, and apparently a lot of folks can’t wait to take advantage of it. SleepBus is seeing such strong demand that they’re currently working to get 10 more buses on the road. They’re going to be adding additional routes, too, and will eventually be able to take riders directly to Las Vegas. They’re even going to offer a service to Burning Man.last_img

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