Sony secures iron grip on indie games market with many PS4 exclusives

first_imgEarlier today at Gamescom, Sony revealed the PS4’s release date, which is November 15 of this year. It will launch at the price Sony announced back at E3, which is $399. The eighth console generation is just a few months away, and now that Microsoft has more or less removed everything we all hated about the Xbox One, the consoles should be able to better compete with one another.Aside from the PS4 being $100 cheaper for somewhat more powerful hardware, Sony’s greatest strength so far for this upcoming generation would have to be its dedication to indie games, and the games it has already secured. Now, Sony has announced a multitude of other popular, anticipated indie games coming to the console — some of which being console exclusives.ExclusivesThe “exclusive console debut” phrase that Sony is tossing around could mean anything thanks to the careful wording, but in all likelihood, it means “timed exclusive.” And here’s the ones we know about:Rogue Legacy: Console debut on PS4, and will also release on the PS3 and PS Vita. This appears to be a timed exclusivity.The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: A remake with a load of extra content over the original. Console debut on the PS4, also coming to PS Vita. Will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.N++: Complete with a new art style, multiplayer modes, and many new levels, this action platformer will debut exclusively on PS4.Guns of Icarus Online: The team deathmatch game in which you work together to pilot airships through a battlefield will be debuting exclusively on PS4.Wasteland Kings: From the team that brought us mobile hit Ridiculous Fishing, comes this mutant-based action rogue-like. Again, exclusive console debut on PS4, and coming to the PS Vita as well.Hotline Miami 2: The trippy top-down Scarface with a great soundtrack will be making a return, and will have its exclusive console debut on the PS4 and hit the PS Vita next year.Volume: From the maker of Thomas Was Alone, Volume looks like a more colorful version of the Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. It’ll hit the PS4 as an exclusive console debut, and land on the Vita as well.Resogun: A shmup from the guys who brought us Super Stardust HD. Along with those, Sony also ensured Starbound — a game we can’t wait for — will be releasing on the PS4 and Vita, though the exclusivity (even if timed) appears to be up in the air. Fez will also make its way to the PS4.Once again, Sony has shown that it not only knows what’s going on in the indie scene, but that the indie scene has more or less become mainstream in terms of popularity. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Rogue LegacyRogue LegacyRogue Legacy is the perfect console port, as it is best played with a controller.Binding of Isaac: RebirthThe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth sadly won’t look like this, but it will probably look great anyway.N++This isn’t a Magic Eye illustration, but instead from N++.Guns of Icarus OnlineA steampunk, team airship deathmatch.Wasteland KingsWasteland Kings is an action rogue-like from the makers of Ridiculous Fishing.Hotline MiamiMore Miami mayhem.VolumeVolume, by the creator of Thomas Was Alone.ResogunIf Resogun can harness the fun of Super Stardust HD, then we can’t wait.StarboundStarbound is essentially Space Terraria, as it was created by original members of the Terraria team.Rogue Legacy is the perfect console port, as it is best played with a controller.last_img

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