Java malware sets its sights on your Minecraft passwords

first_imgThe fine folks at Intego have spotted one of the most vile pieces of Java malware ever discovered: an app that masquerades as a Minecraft hack tool that is actually designed to steal your precious login credentials.It’s pretty similar to the the fake Runescape gold cheat app that landed a Canadian youth in hot water with police last month. This time, however, the shifty bugger behind the malicious code has built it using Java — making it a cross-platform threat. Because Minecraft requires Java to run, there’s no question that the cheat tool will fire up on a victim’s computer, too.The tool baits users with buttons that claim to perform god-like actions on servers, from granting OP permissions to banning other users. In the background, however, the real action is taking place. The username and password for the account that last logged in are swiped and securely emailed to a Hotmail inbox.This piece of malware is quite a bit more sophisticated, too. It’s made of multiple Java applets that are hidden after being dropped onto a compromised system. The tool is also capable of updating and deleting its components (presumably after receiving remote commands), so additional malicious activities could be carried out down the road. That could mean everything from more widespread password stealing to browser hijacking.For the love of Steve, people, keep Minecraft pure. Keep playing honestly, and avoid the urge to exact vengeance upon your griefers by downloading anything that claims to give you godlike abilities on a server. You’re just asking for trouble.Consider this warning the “Ssssssss…” before the boom.last_img

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