Aurasma lets everyone view and create augmented reality on a smartphone

first_imgMatt Mills, a technologist from Aurasma, gave a TED talk on augmented reality last month which has just become viewable online. You can watch it above.The content of his talk, like many TED presentations, is pretty compelling and paints a promising picture for how we will be able to create and use augmented reality on our mobile devices.The talk centers around technology carrying the same name as the company: Aurasma. What it allows is for anyone to take an image or object of interest, tag it, and then add additional information to it. That added detail is called an aura, and could be anything that counts as digital content including images, audio, animation, video, or the loading of a web page.Augmented reality using a smartphone, tablet, or handheld gaming device isn’t a new idea, but Aurasma has a lot of potential to become hugely popular. The reason? It is completely free for anyone to tag objects and associate digital media with them, and the tools to do that are very simple to use.The examples Mills gives on stage clearly demonstrate how powerful of an idea this content link up is. If you bought a newspaper this morning with the sports results in, you could point your smartphone at the page and see the video replays appear. It also has the potential to replace user manuals with interactive guides played through your phone as he shows.Of course, advertisers will be jumping all over this tech. Magazine ads that proclaim “look at me through your phone for a free gift,” and movie trailers that appear on your display when you point your phone at a poster seem like predictable uses. But there’s definitely potential here for non-commercial use. Much like people use YouTube to record a tutorial, Aurasma could be used to create a guide for any object, be that a gadget, location, or piece of text.What will be interesting to see is how Aurasma deals with lots of content being associated with the same objects. There’s some very popular imagery out there, and multiple people will want to tag it with video and information. It’s either going to end up with the user having to select what they want to see, or if commercial, someone paying Aurasma in order to be the default choice.More at Aurasma and TEDlast_img

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