Microsoft fires patent missile at Android poster boy Motorola

first_imgMicrosoft is doing a brisk trade in Android patent licensing, locking up several smartphone and tablet manufacturers with lucrative royalty deals for its patented tech. So far, HTC has been the company’s biggest win, and that deal alone nets Microsoft more cash than its own Windows Phone 7 over the past year-plus. Other deals have been struck with companies like Inventec, Huawei, and ZTE, but Microsoft now has another great big Android fish to fry. In addition to chasing Samsung, the legal crew in Redmond is now going after none other than Motorola.Once again, Microsoft is claiming that its patents are being trampled upon and this time it’s Motorola who’s allegedly in the wrong. In addition to telling the ITC that seven patents are being infringed, Microsoft has asked that the importation of Motorola phones be halted in the United States.It’s a scene straight out of a spaghetti western, with Microsoft challenging Google-owned Motorola Mobility to six-guns at high noon. If Microsoft wins, the verdict will come as a massive backhand to the face of Google and Android in general, with its brand new poster child forced to pony up to Microsoft. That would send a strong message that Microsoft has been right all along, and that Android OEMs should beware.Underhanded? A little, but it’s all part of the patent game — and now that Google is directly involved via Motorola, the stakes may never have been higher. Motorola Mobility spokesperson Jennifer Erickson has said that the company will “vigorously defend itself,” and you can bet Google will be willing to get its hands dirty, too.This isn’t a battle that will be over quickly. The initial ITC investigation won’t wrap up until March 2012, and there could be appeals-a-plenty.More at Bloomberg[Android image – laihu]last_img

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