‘Gay’ comment rouses Pembroke anger

first_imgA STUDENT standing for election as Pembroke’s Sports Rep was accused of making homophobic comments as part of his manifesto during JCR hustings last Sunday.In the concluding part of his manifesto, first-year biologist Ashley Grossmann said, “Vote for Ash ‘cos Shezz is gay.” His comments caused anger among JCR members who demanded that nominations be re-opened.Lizz Paley, a Pembroke first-year, criticised Grossmann’s comment as tactless. “It was just immature, insensitive and stupid. I don’t know how he thinks he can represent the whole college when he says stuff like that,” she said.Another first-year said he felt Grossmann’s comments implied wider intolerance of homosexuality in the College. “It showed the underlying attitudes which permeate the College. If something like that had happened at Wadham it would’ve been looked at quite abhorrently and wouldn’t have been tolerated,” he said. Grossmann has apologised to the JCR and said that his comment was not intended to be taken seriously. “I am mortified to think that anyone may have been offended by what I wrote on my manifesto. It was supposed to be a childish, light-hearted joke, which in hindsight was perhaps rather ill thought out. I hope that anyone who has been affected by this will accept my apology. I would hate to think that anyone would consider me or Pembroke prejudiced or bigoted in any way,” he said. One first year who wished to remain anonymous accused members of the JCR of exaggerating the incident. “Some people need to lighten up a bit and take themselves less seriously,” he said. “Ashley was just having a laugh. There are a few people in college looking to pick a fight against what’s perceived as public-school bias at Pembroke.”In a response to Grossmann’s comment, messages were chalked on the wall of Pembroke’s bar without either candidate’s knowledge, saying, “Vote for Ash ‘cos Shezz is Gay”, with the additional slogan, “Vote for Shezza ‘cos Ash is a Lezza.”last_img

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