Search engine promotion times amidst the winds of change let

search engine algorithm is not constant amidst the winds of change, how do we go? Or


for our website target user, from the website promotion perspective, Xiaobian feel at least to do the following.

for a web site in terms of basic content, is undoubtedly the most basic and most important. Our site content page is to provide services for the target users, and in most of the eyes or the webmaster optimization than the user experience is more important, so blindly to please the search engine, while ignoring the user experience, although a short time really can bring some flow our website, but these visitors really are our customers, can bring benefits for us? This is worth thinking. And for this kind of purpose to earn in order to optimize the search engine traffic station in Shanghai this year, love Webmaster Platform also made it clear that will crack down on such sites, take my name for the first station in order to earn a good weight, a lot of traffic, not related with their website released many themes, although short-term to get good traffic, but was eventually search > read more

Four kinds of methods to rapidly improve the conversion of keywords

users come to the site to quickly find the desired products and services, so the content must be related. For example, the customer search "Beijing enterprise website construction" came to the site, he may want to understand the enterprise website construction process, design, sample price, cycle etc.. So put the corresponding page on the website keywords presentation of these related content, let the customer understand the first time web service content and product introduction, this is one of the core factors of the turnover rate. read more