When a Leader Just Won’t Go

first_img“He cannot bear being the loser and so now is doing everything within his power to assault the reality he hates,” said Joseph Burgo, a clinical psychologist who has studied Mr. Trump and written about his appeal to voters. “Once he has exhausted all possible avenues to challenge the election, he will spend the rest of his life insisting the system conspired to deprive him of his victory,” said Dr. Burgo, the author of “The Narcissist You Know: Defending Yourself Against Extreme Narcissists in an All-About-Me Age.” “He will take refuge in blame, self-pity and righteous indignation to shore up his sense of self, thereby warding off the humiliation of true defeat.” – Advertisement – Meanwhile, many Republican legislators, loath to upset Mr. Trump, are helping to prop up the illusion that he is still somehow in power, in a way reminiscent of the courtiers who flattered, lied and enabled their way through the final days of Emperor Haile Selasse’s reign in Ethiopia in Ryszard Kapuscinski’s “The Emperor.” Interestingly enough, there appears to be some precedent for this within the Trump family itself. When the president’s father, Fred, developed Alzheimer’s, the family reportedly conspired to help him believe that he still ran the Trump organization. According to Vanity Fair, the elder Mr. Trump would show up for work every day, signing blank papers and using an office phone connected only to his secretary’s line. “Fred pretended to work,” a family friend told the magazine.With his vast coterie of enablers willing to believe his baseless assertions about the election, Mr. Naftali said, Trump might be better compared to the Wizard in “The Wizard of Oz.” – Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img “Many of us assumed that Trump’s behind-the-curtain moment — when Dorothy arrived and, thanks to Toto, found out that the Wizard was a humbug — would come because of his handling of the Covid emergency,” he said. “But one of the reasons the president is able to continue this fantasy that he won a second term is that 73 million people don’t agree that he was a humbug. Even though the Wizard is on his way out, Oz still exists.” All these things raise the question (asking for a friend): How do you get someone to face reality and get out of the White House? last_img read more

motorola moto g9 power phone has a huge 6000 mAh battery » Gadget Flow

first_img– Advertisement – The Motorola moto g9 power phone comes equipped with a 6000 mAh battery—more than double that of an iPhone 12—and lasts up to 60 hours on a single charge. Use this device to capture crystal-clear shots, thanks to the triple 64 MP camera. Also, the dedicated Macro Vision camera provides four times the zoom while retaining all the details on your subject. In addition, the Motorola moto g9 has a 6.8-inch Max Vision HD+ display for a wide aspect ratio. Therefore, you can immerse yourself in videos, images, and games. Furthermore, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4GB of RAM, the phone offers a lag-free performance. And the 128 GB of built-in storage is plenty for the average user. For a storage boost, use the microSD card for an additional 512GB. Finally, the device is water repellent, so you don’t need to worry about spills or splashes.last_img read more

NIAID reports potential West Nile treatment

first_img The researchers decided to develop their treatment, a monoclonal antibody, after they found that antibodies taken from the blood of people who had recovered from West Nile fever could cure mice infected with WNV, the NIAID said. But antibodies derived from human blood vary in their ability to fight disease, and they can be accompanied by other potentially dangerous infectious agents, despite efforts to purify them. See also: To solve these problems, the research team “made 46 monoclonal antibodies against West Nile virus and then eliminated the less effective ones through a tedious molecular-level screening process,” the NIAID said. Then they worked with MacroGenics, Inc., Rockville, Md., to create a human-like version of the most effective antibody. WNV causes no symptoms or only a mild flu-like illness in most people. But in about 1 in 150 people infected, the virus invades the central nervous system and can be fatal. The United States had 2,470 reported cases of West Nile disease in 2004, with 88 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Apr 25, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Researchers have developed an antibody that can cure mice of West Nile virus (WNV) infection, a disease for which no specific treatment now exists, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced yesterday. Oliphant T, Engle M, Nybakken GE, et al. Development of a humanized monoclonal antibody with therapeutic potential against West Nile virus. Nat Med 2005 Apr 24 (early online publication) [Full text] The research, funded in part by the NIAID, is described in a report published online yesterday by Nature Medicine. “MacroGenics stitched the part of the antibody that cripples the West Nile virus into the scaffold of a human antibody,” the statement said. “The monoclonal antibody was several hundred times more potent in cell culture tests than antibodies obtained from people who had recovered from West Nile virus infection.” A team at Washington University in St. Louis “developed an infection-fighting antibody that mimics one produced by people whose immune systems successfully fend off the West Nile virus,” the NIAID said in a news release. “The researchers tested their antibody in mice and say its success warrants further development and testing in people with West Nile disease.” “We could give this antibody to mice as long as five days after infection, when West Nile virus had entered the brain, and it could still cure them,” senior investigator Michael Diamond, MD, PhD, said in the news release. “It also completely protected the mice against death.” NIAID news releasehttp://www.niaid.nih.gov/news/newsreleases/2005/Pages/westniletherapy.aspxlast_img read more

A company from Slavonia furnishes American hotels with furniture

first_imgThat Slavonia can and knows differently is an example of furniture manufacturer Ancona grupa doo from Đakovo, which has been entrusted with equipping five hotels in the United States, from New York through Washington to Miami, writes Business diary.It is about Ancona Group from Đakovo, which produces furniture in its own production, and employs over 120 employees. “These are two hotel chains there and an international competition. Four hotels belong to the Club Quarters chain, three of which are in New York and one in Washington, these four we have to equip by the end of the year. I’m going to America next week because of an arrangement for a possible four more outfits next year. There are indications that this could turn into a very serious business. It has also been agreed to equip a hotel belonging to the Even chain, located in Miami, and we have to deliver it by March or April next year. We sent a model room to America for a project in Miami, and to equip hotels in New York and Washington is already working hard in production”Points out the owner of Ancona Group, Markica Stanušić for Poslovni dnevnik.Photo: Ancona groupExactly one “small” company from Croatia managed to contract the equipping of five American hotels in 2017 and 2018 through a regular tender. You know when you apply for a job and if you have the best offer you get a job. So simple and normal, right?”I was on a trip to America last year for Christmas and New Year. I accidentally booked the Club Quarters hotel and when I arrived, I expected a lot more. We went through a dozen hotels, but the furniture seemed terribly cheap, modest. I contacted an agent I met at the fair and asked if we had the opportunity to compete there. There was a competition, and just for that hotel where I stayed for the first time. We called and – passed ” Stanušić points out and adds that his new client has so far imported everything from the Blistok East, and never from Europe. “I don’t know what they expected here, but when they saw the company, the facilities, the model room, our approach to work, they went in amazement”Concludes Stanušić.Let’s buy Croatian. Meet them – Ancona GroupRelated news:EXCELLENT COOPERATION! PRIMA FURNITURE EQUIPPED BLUESUN 5-STAR HOTELSHOTEL ESPLANADE RECOGNIZED THE QUALITY OF CROATIAN FASHION DESIGN AND CREATED A COLLECTION OF NEW UNIFORMS FOR HOTEL RECEPTION EMPLOYEESLUXURY TOURISM IS NOT GOLDEN FAUCETS BUT QUALITY DESIGNlast_img read more

Nikola Radmirović won the gold medal for the best innovation in tourism with the souvenir Croatia “heart of dice”

first_imgCroatian innovators achieve exceptional success every year, and Croatia is recognized worldwide as a country of innovation. Unfortunately, our innovators are not recognized in Croatia, where they fight alone or with mentors for a place under the sun, not to mention the financial and other conditions. He has money, it’s just misaligned. Croatia still seems to identify with the average, the status quo and does not understand how success happens to those who fight, who challenge them, who take risks and take action. “Everything that could be invented was invented ” said Charles H. Duell, director of the U.S. Patent Office back in 1899. Funny from today’s perspective, right?It is creativity and innovation that push humanity forward, add value and drive the economy. Innovators should be “rock stars”, faces from covers and billboards as well as role models for the younger generations. But it’s always easier to write about “tits and asses” and create stars out of questionable morals and values. Yellowness, black chronicle and populism is a reflection of our society. But it’s never too late to turn a new page and change the whole paradigm.Let’s start with ourselves. You are the change, start today.Related news:WHY ARE WE ASHAMED OF TESLA, PENKALA, VRANČIĆ AND ALL OUR OTHER INNOVATORS?IF AT LEAST A TIE WAS A CROATIAN PRODUCT, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD KNOW ABOUT CROATIAUNIQUE CROATIAN PRODUCT – ROOM HISTORION PRESENTED IN PANNONIAN WOOD CENTER OF COMPETENCES&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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The largest exhibition of innovations in Southeast Europe, the Be a Model / Innova 2017 fair, was held in Osijek, bringing together more than 500 participants from more than 15 countries. The success of the project is evidenced by the fact that it represents the winner at the national level for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017 EEPA (European Enterprise Promotion awards – EEPA 2017), a recognition by which the European Commission annually awards projects and initiatives of public bodies to promote entrepreneurship.Among many innovators, Nikola Radmirović, an artist and innovator from Požega, won a gold medal for a souvenir of the whole of Croatia and the award “Best Innovation in Tourism” – a souvenir of Croatia “heart of the dice”.Croatian cube, heart, souvenir of the whole of Croatia is conceived as a universal multifunctional souvenir of Croatia, and the element of the cube is incorporated into a more functional form of souvenir which is both a gift and a usable element of a desk. “The range of materials is unlimited, but Croatian Slavonian oak is suggested. The souvenir also has its own graphic version that forms a heart stylized from a red cube. The white cube is reserved for the text or name of any city, town, county in Croatia. The attractiveness of the souvenir is now supported by its practicality, ie it gives it use and sets it apart from the “dead” souvenir, a reminder that collects dust somewhere, now putting it into practical use as a daily reminder of a dear destination.“Points out Nikola Radmirović, innovator and artist.Nikola Radmirović, artist, innovator, visionaryRadmirović came up with the idea of ​​a souvenir as a souvenir solution that represents the whole of Croatia, and not to be tied to just one city, county or region. A souvenir that with its graphic version suggests love and heart from and towards the homeland incorporated into the recognizable elements of the Republic of Croatia, now with a practical multifunctional application that flirts with the famous Penkal through a pen holder, pen and business card and / or national flag, provides a kind of personal personalization object and an escape from the classic already seen, unfortunately stereotyped imported souvenirs. “The eternal problem of Croatia is that we have souvenirs, but we lack the recognizable, multifunctional ones that can be used for all tourist boards, counties, cities and areas. We have small, local souvenirs that do not reflect the whole of Croatia. In addition, I also thought about the fact that we do have a gingerbread heart. The heart is the heart, it has its round version and that’s it – nothing special. There is also this ubiquitous cube that often unhappily fits into a lot of things, sometimes too much, with a dose of kitsch, sometimes too little and imperceptibly. And I simply came up with the idea to make a checkered heart out of that cube! The heart has two fields, the base of the field is red, there is also a white cube which is a detail on which you can write the name of the city, county and the like”Radmirović pointed out and added that the attractiveness of this souvenir is given by its practicality and it can serve as a pen holder, and since we are the country of the famous Slavoljub Penkala, this gift would come with a pen in that version.For office desks, it can also serve as a stand for business cards, state flags, etc. Radmirović points out and adds that the souvenir simply invites interaction and personalization by users and, along with a dear reminder, represents an escape from classic stenciled, often imported souvenirs. In the end, the innovator points out that the plan is to make souvenirs from Slavonian oak and Brač stone.Tourist boards, hotels, businessmen, ambassadors of Croatian tourism and everyone else support innovators and a better Croatia. The macro for the promotion of the State is always every day that day, but slowly but surely, Christmas and the month of giving are approaching, so here is a nice opportunity to give your business partners, colleagues, friends a unique, authentic and different gift.last_img read more

Zagreb rickshaws as storytellers and ambassadors of Croatian tourism

first_imgA little over a year ago, Zagreb was placed on the list alongside most of the world’s and European tourist metropolises where it is possible to get to know the destination with popular tourist rickshaws.Behind Zagreb PEDICAB are two young entrepreneurs with a vision – Emil Kirbiš and Filip Pribilović, who incorporated their complementary knowledge and many years of work experience in management, sales and tourism in the realization and development of this great tourist story. One of the main advantages that Pedicab offers is a tour of the city in a much faster time, of course with a new and different experience and the city of Zagreb, and currently ten blue “rickshaws” are circulating in the wider city center.As Emil Kirbiš points out, they are very satisfied with the work of the first years, the way in which people accepted them and recognized in them a new and interesting way of transport and touring the city. “The number of rides partly depends on the weather conditions, but given the warmer weather in the first year, there were more of them than we expected. We already have some regular customers, who have recognized our advantages in public transport, and when it comes to sightseeing, there are more and more of them, since we are constantly working on marketing and recognition.”Kirbish points out.Enthusiasts of foreigners for rickshaws in Zagreb are expected because rickshaws are already very well known, given their presence in all major and minor European and world cities, so they are happy to now have the opportunity to ride in Zagreb.In general, foreigners have a slight advantage, especially during the summer season, while for example during Advent in Zagreb we have more and more domestic guests from other parts of Croatia. Statistically speaking, tourists are in Zagreb for a very short time, just over a day and a half, so they like the opportunity to see the entire historical / tourist core of the city in two hours. Unlike traditional tours, at Pedicab they can bring coffee, ice cream, stop to take pictures wherever they want, and get a recommendation according to their interests. The people of Zagreb are also increasingly realizing the advantages of our ecological transport in the center, ideal for short city routes.. ”Says Kirbish.Zagreb rickshaws as storytellers and ambassadors of Croatian tourism                                  Because of its direct interaction with guests, Zagreb rickshaws tell stories about the destination and give the best local advice. Regardless of the power of various booking portals, applications and social networks, whenever you come to a new destination you always ask the locals where to eat best, what is the best beach, what to see and experience… Locals know best, right? Thus, Pedicab drivers, in addition to being storytellers, also become ambassadors of our tourism. On the other hand, imagine welcoming your guests with Pedicab at the bus or train station and driving them around town to your accommodation. An interesting and different experience, isn’t it?As Kirbiš points out, so far they have established cooperation with all relevant travel agencies, tour operators, hotel chains, hostels and private accommodation, which increasingly recognize the comparative advantages of transporting and accommodating people with luggage from railway and bus terminals, public parking lots, garages and Fig. “The key to success is in connecting and combining the specific advantages of each of the tourist services. In addition to our standard tours and tours that we offer through our partners, hotels and hostels are even more interesting because we are able to organize the pick-up of their guests upon arrival at the bus or train station or back, take them from the hotel to the desired restaurant or other cultural or gastro destinations in the center. In this way, guests do not have to look for the destination address themselves, but while enjoying the ride and sightseeing, they arrive at the destination quickly and with fun. It is a completely different experience when a guest is greeted by a driver with his name, helped with luggage and personal belongings, and along the way tells an interesting story or makes a recommendation. In addition, there will also be collaborations at corporate events, weddings, etc. ” Kirbiš pointed out and added that Croatia is a very small country, in the world, and Zagreb is a relatively small, charming Central European Mediterranean metropolis, and without a quality connection of all tourist facilities in the destination we can not compete in the European and world markets.Finally, Kirbiš points out that thanks to the great efforts of the City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board to organize tourist projects such as Advent in Zagreb, the Festival of Light and various cultural and musical events, seasonality has greatly decreased, and there is no classic “season” as in some “sun and sea” destinations. . “Zagreb attracts tourists with its quality facilities throughout the year, and Zagreb Pedicab is a great way to see it, get to know the local customs, see some hidden and romantic places, and get a recommendation for a concert or a home-cooked meal.”Said Kirbiš and added that they do not lack plans, and in the near future they certainly plan to expand to other destinations, but only with the condition of quality and standards as they set in Zagreb.Zagreb boasts excellent integrated public transport, in addition to connections by trains, buses, trams, SpinCity, NextBike Croatia, Segway, as well as now PediCab Zagreb have complemented each other. An excellent example of integrated public transport for all tourist destinations on the Adriatic.last_img read more

The interest of British tour operators and airlines for Croatia is growing

first_imgDuring the second day of the World Travel Market (WTM) at the stand of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli held meetings with tour operators and airlines Thomas Cook, TUI, Ryanair and Saga.After the meetings, Minister Cappelli stated that he expressed satisfaction that the partners plan to expand their business in Croatia and that Croatia remains one of their most important markets. “Today we received confirmation from the most important partners in the British market that our tourism policy is moving in the right direction and that the Croatian market represents an exceptional tourism potential in which they plan to expand their offer. The London WTM fair traditionally brings the first impulses on which we base our estimates of tourist traffic trends in the next year, and based on the knowledge we received today, I can say that next year we will continue positive trends from the British and I believe other markets. Regardless of the return of competition from the markets of Greece and Turkey, the announcements and expectations are at the level of last year with the planned growth of up to 7 percent. ” said Minister Gary Cappelli. The number of arrivals from the UK is directly correlated with the number of flights from the market and the length of the flight period. The vast majority of flights start at the end of April and the beginning of May and the flights last until the middle or end of October. The tendency is to extend the flight season every year, and the same is expected in 2019, which was confirmed at WTM meetings. During the meeting at the fair Niall O’Connor i Gary butler Ryanair confirmed that it will open eight new routes to Zadar Airport in the new season, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Germany, and two new connections to Rijeka Airport, London and Manchester. On behalf of the tour operator TUI David Burling, Helen Caron i Lucy Ling at the meeting with Minister Cappelli, they pointed out that they are doing excellent business with our country and noted that they plan to introduce a new tourist tour City break on the route Zagreb-Plitvice-Krka-Split. During the first ten months of this year, British tourist arrivals increased by 8 per cent to almost 850, while overnight stays rose by 8 per cent to almost 4,4 million. British tourists mostly traveled to the regions of Dalmatia – Dubrovnik (36%), then Dalmatia – Split (23%) and Istria (20%), and spent most nights in hotels.last_img read more

Zagreb’s Advent is breaking attendance records this year as well

first_imgZagreb’s Advent surpasses Vienna’s on social media as well. More than eight thousand posts in which he is mentioned on Instagram indicate the greatest popularity of that channel, followed by the web, Twitter, Facebook, and finally YouTube. Whether in the media or on social networks, the term “Advent in Zagreb” has reached audiences since 38 million people across the Earth. In the 25 days of December, it was visited by 12 percent more guests than last year, who spent 16 night in Zagreb more than in 2017. Most guests are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia and Italy, but also Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. According to estimates, last year’s consumption generated by Advent amounted to more than half a billion kuna, and this year growth is expected in this segment in line with the increase in visitors. Generated consumption of over HRK 500 million According to the analysis of the Zagreb technology company Mediatoolkit, Advent in Zagreb has become recognizable as a great place to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and far beyond the borders of our beautiful country. This is supported by the fact that the term is mentioned on all continents of the world and more than 12 thousand times in the last month, which marks an increase of 860 percent over the period before the start of Advent. Zagreb’s Advent is setting new records this year as well. Zagreb’s Advent is mostly mentioned in a positive tone, especially on Sundays when there is a significant increase in the number of publications. These data coincide with the number of visitors, which is highest on weekends, when public transport is free and the offer of entertainment and children’s content is the richest. The favorite destination of the “locals” are Gornji grad and Maksimir, and foreigners spend more time on Advent in Donji grad. Still, despite the great results, there is still room for improvement “It seems to me that, in some places, we will try to influence the noise to be a little less, to try to reduce some crowds with an even greater reduction in the number of restaurants. These are, both according to our results and according to the criticism we receive from fellow citizens and guests, something that needs to be seriously worked on next year.. ” concludes Bienenfeld for HRT. Cover photo: TZGZ Apart from the real world, Zagreb is also great in the virtual world, he points out HRT Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld: “We received an analysis that as many as 38 million people around the world googled or researched the term Advent on the site in Zagreb. Much stronger than in Vienna or any other city that organizes Christmas fairs or events. Really great thing and very positive. ” Source: TZGZ / Author: S. Kaštelan And that is the best proof of the thesis that the organization of events is not a cost but an investment. Last year, Advent in Zagreb achieved 36.380 (growth of 11%) arrivals of domestic tourists and 74.327 foreign tourists (growth of 30%), while of the total number of overnight stays, domestic tourists realized 61.078 (growth of 15%) and foreign 138.674 (growth of 27%) . Most foreign arrivals were from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and overnight stays from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany.last_img read more

Chinese tourists will break the record in outbound travel during the Spring Festival this year

first_img“The fact that the Chinese are willing to spend more money and time on travel is proof of the rise in living standards and incomeSaid Peng Liang, an employee of Trip.com’s tourist data research center. “As more Chinese travel abroad on vacation, the world will also benefit from Chinese development”, He concludes. Better wages and a simpler way to start a business through startups drive the middle class in China, but also in many other parts of the world. After allocating money to basic living needs, middle-class families spend their hard-earned money on travel, a luxury in the past. Source / photo: Chinese Internet Information Center; Travel Daily Media; Pixabay Chinese tourists are the drivers of the travel industry. By 2030, two-thirds of the global middle class is projected to live in Asia. In the next 10 years, the number of middle-class people will increase fivefold, to 3,2 billion, and will be the largest group of consumers, reports Travel Daily Media. The Chinese made 2019 million outbound trips during the 6,3 Spring Festival holidays, up nearly 12,5 percent from the same period last year. Ninety percent of Trip.com users have chosen high-quality travel products and services. Tourists prefer private tourist groups with tour guides and flexible driving schedules. Chinese tourists will travel to several overseas destinations during their holidays during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in 2020, according to a report published by China’s largest online travel agency Trip.com Group. Chinese Internet Information Center. Thanks to the warm climate, Australia and New Zealand were among the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists during that period. Trips to Italy, the UK, Spain, Russia, France and the United Arab Emirates are also bestsellers, the report said. “Chinese tourists have booked trips to 419 overseas cities, to over 100 countries and regions, during a seven-day vacation starting on January 24, 2020.”, It is stated in the report of Trip.com, and it is added that both figures are new records for the company.last_img read more