The Werks Amaze With Five-Song Set For Their Debut Performance In Milwaukee

first_imgLast night, The Werks played for their first time in Milwaukee, WI, making sure to leave a lasting first impression. Doing what they do best, they stretched a few of their songs to astronomical levels, featuring some long jams in which fans have come to expect from them. They picked up right from where they left off in Madison.Conundrum opened the show in Milwaukee, getting things going with a funky rhythm of percussion in their tune “Cops Are Here.” Then Soap picked up the energy and got the crowd moving, especially during their “Dear Prudence” cover. By the time The Werks took the stage, everyone in the crowd was ready to get down.They opened with “Drop,” and the dance party began. They followed with “Better Than Before,” a song that may lack in danceability but makes up in strong vocals from drummer Rob Chafin. “The only thing you have to ask yourself, are you better than before?” It is a very positive message for anybody who is looking to grow personally.If Chafin’s vocals were good in the song, they only got better in a cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle,” sandwiched in the middle of “Finding Destiny.” The cover was played with a good funky groove, much like the original. There wasn’t one person who was standing still; the entire place was moving. “Eagle” even had a strong jam section based on the piercing and unmistakable guitar riff of Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean.” As good as the improv was, the song was all about the vocals though. Even Steve Miller (and Seal too) would have been impressed with them. Specifically when returning to the last refrain, Chafin held his note for what seemed like a minute, “Time keeps on slippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin’.” The crowd rewarded Chafin’s vocals by going absolutely crazy. Fan favorite “Hard to Find” closed the set, and it included a monster jam as well as a drum solo. He has vocals and some good chops on the skins too.Immediately the crowd started cheering for one more song, and The Werks obliged with a 15+ minute “Galactic Passport.” It was really nice to see an encore that featured some extended jamming. It was a great show especially considering it was their first time in Milwaukee. Something tells me that this won’t be their last time there either.Be sure to catch The Werks on the road throughout 2016, including their annual Werk Out Festival. Featuring the likes of STS9, Lettuce, Dopapod, Twiddle, The Motet and more. It all goes down August 4-6 in Thornville, OH, and more information about the festival can be found here. Setlist: The Werks at Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI – 3/12/16Set: Drop > “The Good Land” jam > Better Than Before, Finding Destiny$ > Fly Like An Eagle* > Finding Destiny, Hard to FindEncore: Galactic Passport ext^@$: creepy vocal jam*: The Ocean (Zeppelin) jam^: Papa was a Rollin Stone jam w/[email protected]: Glory ( Umph) teasesSetlist via The Werkers Union/Chris Houser, Photos and words by Daniel Ojeda. Full gallery below: Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Looking At Some Of The Best Pranks Ever Pulled By Musicians

first_imgLettuce recently revealed plans for their first-ever festival event, Fool’s Paradise, to be held from April 1st and 2nd at the St. Augustine Amphitheater in St. Augustine, FL. There’s certainly a lot to love about the event, including a killer funky lineup with Lettuce, GRiZ, Vulfpeck, Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue and more. Between the main event and the late night parties, the artist-led excursions and more, this looks to be quite the celebration!Find all of the Fool’s Paradise info you need, right here.Of course, one of the main reasons for the festival’s name is April Fool’s Day. While pranks aren’t necessarily a part of the programming, the history of music and pranks is a rich one. Take a look through some of our favorite musical pranks throughout the years…PhishSince their inception, Phish has shown a propensity for humor, both between themselves and with their fans. In 2014, to celebrate the then upcoming album Fuego‘s release, Rolling Stone wanted to settle the question “What’s your favorite Phish song” once and for all, so they decided to take a poll.  What they weren’t bargaining for was the band’s “Phans” legendary love of taking any opportunity to mess with people. When the final results were tallied, the song “Lushington” stood alone as the people’s favorite.  There was just one thing about it that struck the editors strange…the song hadn’t been played for 27 years. While it was clearly a joke, Rolling Stone decided to honor the voting and declared “Lushington” the winner. While phans congratulated themselves for the prank, they didn’t know that Phish would end up having the last laugh…literally.Phish has made a fun habit out of writing set lists that spell out messages or themes for the opening night of their annual run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado. The tradition started in 2011 with the all “S” songs show, and continued with the legendary “FUCKYOURFACE” and MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING performances. As the 2014 Dick’s run got closer, fans began speculating on what message the band would be sending them this year.The boys from Vermont opened with “Llama,” then rocked through “Undermind,” “Stash” and “Halfway To The Moon.” By this point, fans were anticipating the “Lushington” bust-out they’d secretly hoped for when they stuffed the ballot box at Rolling Stone. After a few more songs to keep with the spelling, the band finished the LUSHINGTON with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.” Instead of the rarity, the group launched into “Ha Ha Ha,” pranking all of the phans who had pranked Rolling Stone earlier in the year. Anastasio remarked, “You asked, we delivered. Simple as that.”Watch it all go down below:moe. The band moe. has had an affinity for the irreverent throughout the course of their career.  Though their songs have become more serious over the years, when they first debuted, they would base songs around puns and strange situations. A couple years back, moe.’s bassist Rob Derhak showed off another facet to his comedic skills, acting. He and Umphrey’s McGee bass player Ryan Stasik were in the artists lounge at the Summer Camp Music Festival in 2014, when their years long friendship appeared to have hit rocky waters.Though cameras were abound, the argument and ensuing tussle caught those who were eating their lunch completely off guard. When the first bottle is broken over a head, the resulting spray of fragments startled the unsuspecting onlookers and led to a tense instant, before the ridiculousness caught on. Check out the video below:ColdplayEngland’s Coldplay may be more known for being the punchline of Super Bowl jokes than their music lately, but they have kept their sense of humor through the years. On April 1st in 2009, Coldplay announced they were taking their recording process where no man had gone before. The band issued a press release detailing their plan to record their next album in a modified Boeing 727 that could provide brief periods of zero gravity.They followed it up a year later with a tongue in cheek nod to their own music’s tone with their Calvin Klein inspired Angst cologne.  Angst sported a Brian Eno designed bottle and promised fair trade sourced ingredients such as sangre, sudor and lágrimas. While the band went on to acknowledge that their were superior scents already on the market, they did this mostly for themselves. “If anyone else likes it,” frontman Chris Martin explained, “then that’s a bonus.”John MayerLong before he was selling out shows with Dead & Company, guitarist John Mayer was selling out shows of his own and earning a reputation as a jokester. With media appearances that usually goofed on his “Aw Shucks” good nature, such as his appearance on Chapelle Show, his deftness on camera attracted the attention of Viacom. The media group offered to shoot a off the wall tour video with Mayer, with the potential for spinning it out into a full series. The production was kept small and intimate to best utilize Mayer’s affability by keeping the crew unobtrusive. Shot as he went around the nation on tour, John Mayer Has A TV Show was twenty plus minutes of Mayer improvising interactions with rapper Trick Daddy, a member of his crew, and a bunch of his fans pre-gaming in the parking lot. Not one to miss the chance to poke fun at himself, Mayer donned his favorite bear costume…what, you don’t have a closet full of bear costumes?  Seriously? Mayer even wore his onstage with Sheryl Crow!Anyway, Mayer thought it would be fun to not only disguise himself, but to take the opportunity to take his image down a peg or two by taking a few shots at himself.  Check out the grizzly results below:ToolThe band Tool has made an annual tradition out of pranking their fans on “April Tool’s Day” which have ranged from silly to horrific. The practice of playing these jokes is a direct reflection of the band’s core message of not taking themselves too seriously. For example, last year Tool issued an angry statement threatening legal action against those responsible for unfinished tracks from their upcoming album being stolen, released on the internet and even re-recorded by other bands. They even offered a link so fans could hear their stolen material performed by others, which you can check out below:Anyone who clicked the link heard the Hechizeros Band‘s dollar keyboard Spanish language insanity called “El Sonidito.” Obviously Tool was having yet another little joke with their fans.  No harm, no foul…it’s not like any one got hurt…this time.  They weren’t always so cautious, however.In 1997 the internet was rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives, and music fans were enjoying the ability to visit the official band sites and keep closer watch on their favorite artists. Tool fans found a shocking message on the band’s site on the morning of April 1st:[4/1/97] – Urgent: Information is still sketchy at best regarding the auto accident in Australia; the label won’t release any information about any of the band members’ conditions, except to say that at least three of them are currently listed in critical condition, and that tour dates for the next few months have been indefinitely postponed. Needless to say, this might end up being overwhelmingly disastrous. OK, Just in from BMG – they realized that a lot of you (hell, and me too) were going to be concerned about this, and would likely check this page for news, so they’ve set up an email address / listserv thing (I don’t know what it is yet) which they plan to use to keep us updated. Do Not Mail ME about it, I do NOT know anything that you don’t. I will post more about this as soon as possible. To get in touch with the BMG list thing, simply send mail to [email protected] “Obviously, anyone who read to the end saw the joke clearly lamp shaded by the fake email address. That didn’t stop thousands of people worldwide from bombarding news and media outlets for any updates or information about the “injured” band members. The hoax spread so quickly widely that radio stations and MTV felt the need to address the issue, and the band and their website administrator released a statement the following day apologizing.“To all those who took this too seriously, I apologize. Some have suggested that this post was in poor taste, and given that it was written past midnight, I won’t necessarily argue it wasn’t. To those who spent any time or money on web-searching or phone-calling to verify this information, again, sorry you didn’t see it for what it was. The subject is not one which calls for levity, and I stress that no offense was meant to anyone.I apologize for having potentially taken advantage of the trust many of you have come to place in this site by posting this. Fear not, this site will not indulge itself in such outlandish pranks in the future. You can continue to expect rumor-free news and facts from The Tool Page as you have been able to since early 1995.”Luckily, as proved by last year’s prank, they didn’t follow through on their promise to behave.The Merry Pranksters The originals. Ken Kesey and his cadre of social engineers/psychedelic enthusiasts took it upon themselves to help America “Wake Up.” After the horrors of the second world war ended, American soldiers had come home and spawned what would be known as the baby boom.  This entire generation would be the first to experience true modern mass media, and more and more they were coming to question the accepted ways of the world. Kesey graduated with a degree in Speech and Communication, and his writing skills attracted prizes and scholarships.  The attention was well founded, as Kesey turned out what would be considered a classic of modern literature, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. In early 1964 Kesey, Neal Cassady and a group of friends were living communally on properties owned by Kesey, purchased with the profits from his book sales, and experimenting heavily with LSD. In a moment of inspiration that has reverberated to this day, the group decided to take their weird show on the road.Inspired by beat poet Jack Kerouac‘s beat novel classic On The Road, Kesey organized a cross country road trip to see the open the lines of communication between people, make art out of the mundane and, ostensibly, to go th the fair. The journey entered into legend and gave us the book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and the phrase “On The Bus.” After that historic journey the Pranksters began throwing Acid Test parties regularly on the west coast, attended by literary notables  Allen Ginsberg and Hells Angels members alike. The Merry Pranksters even picked up a official/unofficial house band, The Warlocks, who you might recognize better from the name they soon adopted, The Grateful Dead.The Dead did their best to spread the Prankster spirit with their music and their actions. Sometimes they even got to combine the two, such as their appearance on the Hugh Hefner hosted Playboy After Dark television series. The story goes that the band’s sound engineer and chief chemist Owsley Stanley, decided to spike the coffee for the crew during the taping.  No one’s sure if Hef took a sip, but it’s a safe bet that more than a few of his staff’s minds were expanded up that night. Here’s Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann telling the tale on Conan last year:Rolling Stone and The Masked MaraudersSome April’s Fools pranks are more cruel than others. In their October 18, 1969 issue Rolling Stone Magazine editor Griel Marcus, under the pseudonym T.M.Christian, along with record reviewer Bruce Miroff wrote a breathless review of a secret new super group comprised of the greatest talents in the modern rock scene including Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger.  The writers intent was to parody the then growing trend of so called “Super groups” like Blind Faith and Crosby, Stills and Nash. The review of the imaginary double album touted an epic 18 minute Dylan-led cover of Donovan‘s Season Of The Witch, McCartney doing a likely very racist Eddie Fisher styled version of Mammy and production from “Al Kooper.“The response from fans and shop owners was quick and impressive and funny to Marcus and Miroff, but most comical to them were the inquiries from the agents and representatives from the artists they’d parodied.  The decision was made to take this whole thing one step farther, and actually produce an album. Griel and fellow editor Langdon Winner convinced Berkeley area group Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band to take on the role.  The group recorded original versions of joke titled tunes “Cow Pie, I Can’t Get No Nookie” as Jagger and “Duke Of Earl” while aping Dylan.  The tracks were then given to radio station and, amazingly, a bidding war broke out, resulting in Warner Brothers signing the act for 15,000 dollars. The record spent weeks on the Billboard charts, reaching #114 until word of the joke and closer inspection of the lyrics, liner notes and packaging tipped off the gullible record buyers and sent the album to the pages of history.  In today’s world of smart phones and search engines, the Masked Marauders wouldn’t have lasted a minute before being exposed, but in the mad cap sixties anything was possible.  The saddest part of this whole story is that we’d love to hear what music that version of the Fab Four might have created. Check out what a crazy idea, a band up for some fun, and a record label with mischief on its mind can do below:That’s just a small sampling of the silliness that’s gone on in years past.  It’s hard to say what will happen on April 1st, but the odds are good that whatever it is, it’ll be hard to believe.  Speaking of hard to believe, there are still a few tickets left for Fool’s Paradise, held from April 1st and 2nd in St. Augustine, FL.  With a stellar mix of funk, electronica, rock and soul as well as sunny skies, after parties and late night shows, Fool’s Paradise looks to be the perfect way to escape your “Funny” friends attempts at prankery.  Tickets and Information available HERE.last_img read more

Rage Against The Machine Members Confirm New Supergroup, First Performance Tonight

first_imgUpdate (Watch Here): Watch Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy & Cypress Hill Members Debut As Prophets Of RageWhat started out as a hopeful Rage Against The Machine reunion has blossomed into something new and exciting, as today band members confirmed reports of a new supergroup called Prophets Of Rage. The band features three of the four RATM members, including Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk, with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real.Tonight, the intimate Whisky-A-Go-Go club in Los Angeles, CA will host the first-ever Prophets of Rage concert, and the counter on the band’s new website is counting down to a new announcement coming in just a few days. The site also gives a mission statement for the band, saying “We can no longer stand on the sidelines of history. Dangerous times demand dangerous songs. It’s time to take the power back.”A larger report from Rolling Stone shares more information, including planned setlists that feature songs from Rage Against The Machine’s, Public Enemy’s and Cypress Hill’s catalogs. Wilk says, “The setlist is pretty evenly split between the three groups. We’re also playing a couple Prophets of Rage songs. We’re doing some writing, but I don’t want to give too much away.”B-Real commented on the setlist, saying “We’re going to surprise people with how we put this all down. There are so many Rage songs that I love, but I think everybody’s favorite is “Bulls on Parade.” It just has a tremendous amount of energy. At this point, it’s hard to pinpoint what the setlist will be, what will make the cut and what won’t. We’re having fun in the process.”Commerford explains the band’s origins as well, as he’s quoted as saying, “I’m gonna credit Tom Morello with the origin of the idea. He asked me if I was into it. He was the spearhead. When he gets his head wrapped around something it’s like a mental python.”Morello added, “It all happened pretty organically. We’ve been friends for a long time. It’s not like we went on YouTube and auditioned someone who could do a convincing version of “Bullet In The Head.” That wasn’t it at all. We’ve been musical comrades for a very long time. We’ve had a tremendous amount of respect for each other musically and politically. They’re my idols and friends. I called up Chuck D. I think I texted B.”Commerford also talks about Zack de la Rocha’s absence from the project, saying he spoke to “Zack and got his blessing, and that’s really great. We’re a family and there’s support across the board. I support him and everything he does, and vice versa. I’ve definitely been keeping him in the know. You’re never going to replace Zack, and we aren’t trying to do that. He’s a unique artist and showman. It’s going to take people that I know he looks up to and that he idolizes and that he’s inspired by. We’re going to plug them in and see what they can do with these songs, because at the end of the day it’s all about the songs. The songs are needed right now, they really are. This is gonna be some cool shit.”Morello does a nice job of summarizing the band and its purpose. He gets the last line in the article, saying, Prophets of Rage combines the sonic power of Rage, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. It’s my contention that we can no longer stand on the sidelines of history. Dangerous times demand dangerous songs. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both constantly referred to in the media as raging against the machine. We’ve come back to remind everyone what raging against the machine really means. It’s a voice that’s been missing too long in the national/international dialogue and it’s back. What better place than here? What better time than now?”You can read more about the new group here.last_img read more

Watch Trey Anastasio Playing With Street Musicians In San Francisco

first_imgWith one day off between runs at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA, Phish made their way to the Bay Area and got themselves re-acquainted with the Golden Gate City. It seems that guitarist Trey Anastasio had an opportunity to visit with some local musicians, performing on the street with some buskers in what is presumably the city’s famed Chinatown district. The presumption comes not only from the Chinese characters on the sign, but also the banjo-like instrument that Anastasio is playing.Watch the short clip of Anastasio and the street musicians below, courtesy of Phish From The Road.last_img read more

Scientists Are Working On A New Way To Reverse Hearing Loss

first_imgRoughly one-third of senior adult citizens suffer from moderate hearing loss. With more people choosing to attend live concerts without the use of ear protection, and with more emphasis on volume than on clarity, that number of people detrimentally effected by sound will likely increase. However, according to a new study reported by the Atlantic, we might be able to reverse the effects of hearing loss.As the Atlantic explains the matter,We owe our hearing to a tiny field of swaying cilia deep in the skull. Four rows of hair cells sprout in the snail-shaped cochlea of the inner ear, which is filled with fluid. Sound vibrations cause them to bend, opening pores that activate electrical signals bound for the brain. We are born with 15,000 hair cells in each ear, but unlike skin or other cell types, they do not turn over or replenish themselves. Loss of these hair cells over time accounts for much of the age-related hearing loss around the world, as well as that caused by too much loud noise. A loud sound can permanently bend or physically prune a fragile hair cell, rendering it ineffective.This does not ring true for all animals, however. While animals like birds and reptiles have “notch inhibitor” class molecules, which stimulates regrowth in sensory hair cells after destruction of hearing, humans and other mammals do not, which is why our hearing loss is currently more permanent. This new study suggests that a treatment could potentially act as the missing notch inhibitor and cause the lost hair cells to regrow and multiply in a semi-natural state. The article explains, “Each hair cell responds best to a particular frequency of sound — they are arranged in order of frequency along the cochlea — so scientists can pinpoint the effect of these new cells on hearing. When regenerated hair cells were then grown in the cochlea of mice, the pitches corresponding to their placement were better detected by the animals.”In 2013, Dr. Albert Edge led a team of researchers to grow and regenerate hair cells in the cochlea of mice, which allowed the rodent to increasingly detect different kinds of sounds. The team noticed the similarities between the side effects of dementia treatment and in treating deafness, which brought them to testing the mice’s response — which proved successful.Dr. Edge’s company Audion Therapeutics is moving forward with this method by planning the same attempt on humans. They are using compounds developed by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and are teaming up with Frequency Therapeutics for the human clinical trials to develop the treatment, using either a tube or piece of foam in the middle ear to similarly stimulate the regrowth of hair cells that were once damaged by sound in the human ears.Projects like these have no proposed trajectory of time or success, and may take years to see developments in the theory. However, we’re moving in the right direction, and hopefully those who spent their early years scoping out the rail closest to the bass amp will be able to hear again one day. Though, you should still always take care of your ears![Photo Credit: Phillippe Wojazer / Reuters][via The Atlantic]last_img read more

Greensky Bluegrass Announces Two-Night New Year’s Eve Run

first_imgTimes are good for Greensky Bluegrass fans. The band just revealed a full stream of their new album Shouted, Written Down & Quoted, due out officially on September 23rd. They’ve been smokin’ hot on their current fall tour, including a debut performance at the famed Capitol Theatre. And now, they’ve just announced plans to ring in the New Year.Greensky will return to the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI, playing two nights including December 30th and 31st. Tickets for fan club members are on sale now, and the full on sale will come this Friday, September 23rd, at 10 AM Eastern. The Michigan-based band’s return to their home state is always a treat for the longtime fans!For more information on the NYE run, check out the poster below, and then head here.last_img read more

Listen To Gov’t Mule’s Entire Set With Traffic Covers On Mule-O-Ween

first_imgGov’t Mule celebrated their annual Mule-O-Ween at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY with a tribute to Traffic. The cover set wasn’t entirely unexpected, as the band teased the theme for their upcoming Halloween performance with just a simple artwork just a few weeks prior. The tribute was a hit, with multi-instrumentalist Steve Elson and percussionist Bobby Allende contributing throughout.Mule-O-Ween got started on the right foot, opening a set of mostly original music with “World Boss” into “Mother Earth.” The set featured jams like “Larger Than Life” and “Temporary Saint,” closing out with “Time To Confess.”After the short break, the band got down to business on a great set of Traffic music. They opened with “Pearly Queen” before driving into “Stranger To Himself,” decorating the set with classics from the Traffic catalog. Most of the songs during the set were debuts for Mule, with the exceptions of the opener “Pearly Queen,” the rockin’ instrumental “Glad,” the ballad “Empty Pages,” and the hit song “Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys.” With those songs in the mix, and others like “Light Up Or Leave Me Alone,” “Rock & Roll Stew,” “Medicated Goo” and more, this was an incredible night for Warren Haynes and company.The band closed out the night with two more classics in the encore, “(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired” and the fan-favorite “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Fortunately, thanks to Sean Roche, we can watch the majority of Mule’s tribute to Traffic.Thanks to Chris From JamBuzz, we can listen to the full show below:Setlist: Gov’t Mule at the Palace Theatre, Albany, NY – 10/29/16Set 1:World Boss >Mother EarthLarger Than LifeTrane > with 3rd Stone From The Sun teaseEternity’s Breath >St. Stephen JamTemporary SaintTime To ConfessSet 2:Pearly Queen > with Steve Elson & Bobby AllendeStranger To Himself with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedRock & Roll Stew with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedForty Thousand Headmen with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedGlad > with Steve Elson & Bobby AllendeFreedom Rider with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedEmpty Pages with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired with Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedMedicated Goo with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedShouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedLow Spark Of High-Heeled Boys with Steve Elson & Bobby AllendeLight Up Or Leave Me Alone with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende, First Time PlayedEncore:(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired (Take 2) with Bobby AllendeDear Mr. Fantasy with Steve Elson & Bobby Allende[Photo via Heath Robson]last_img read more

Aqueous Rages In Columbus With Strange Mechanics

first_imgAqueous lit Columbus up last weekend as they came in hot to Woodlands Tavern. With opening support from Cincinnati’s Strange Mechanics, it was a family affair for Ohio jam band fans who traveled from all over to share in the groove.As usual, Aqueous didn’t disappoint on the improv front. With what seemed like millions of teases from Hava Nagila to Weezer, a real gem of a performance was polished with the sit in from guitarist Rory Cooper of Strange Mechanics. He added some serious shreds in tandem with AQ lead guitar Mike Gantzer, and the two put on a real clinic.Another highlight of the show had to be the encore. It’s a tie between the exact moment of realization that the song they were playing that seemed so familiar, was actually from the Legend of Zelda (“Saria’s Song”), and the AQ original tune, “Origami.” As for “Saria’s Song,” with the addition of a full band of improv surrounding the childhood melody we all felt familiar with, it was a nice nod to making something new from what we already know. It was like a similar approach as Phish with their Chilling, Thrilling Sounds set perhaps, and it sounded awesome. As for “Origami,” that song just totally shreds. I think all four members really seem to dig playing that song, and it’s a perfect way to end a really high-octane night of music.Maybe it was something to do with the Saturday factor, or just the superior jams from both bands, but everyone at Woodlands came out hard for Aqueous and Strange Mechanics. Look for Strange Mechanics returning to Columbus on December 10th headlining Bass Jam, and Aqueous in Cincinnati December 30 on a bill with Dopapod, then in Albany on 12/31, with a bunch of dates in between. Tour dates can be found here.Setlist: Aqueous at Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH – 11/19/16Set: Aldehyde> Complex Pt I, Band On the Run (Wings/McCartney cover) > All In (W/ Rory from Strange Mechanics), Half in Half Out> SkywayEncore: Saria’s Song (Legend of Zelda) > Origami (contained Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe’ jam)last_img read more

Naughty Professor’s Noah Young Releases Funk Track “Chewing Cud” Ahead Of Solo Album [Video Premiere]

first_imgNOLA-based funk and jazz outfit Naughty Professor breeds more than just good times. Despite the band’s rigorous national tour schedule, Noah Young remains one of the most sought after bassists in New Orleans. Playing 100-150 shows per year around the continental U.S. with NP already, he still maintains a busy schedule in New Orleans and consistently performs with various side projects. But 2017 is the year of Noah Young, and he will start by using the spotlight to debut his own solo work with the release of an album Start The Reactor on Friday, January 13.The album will see Young explore the realms of funk and jazz-fusion in a diverse new setting. In his 6 + years of being active in the New Orleans music scene, the University of New Orleans Jazz Studies graduate has had the pleasure of performing and recording with several of his inspirations, like Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Eric Bloom (Lettuce), Mike Dillon, David Shaw (The Revivalists), Sasha Masakowski, Nigel Hall (Lettuce), Russell Batiste, and many more. This album is the culmination of all those great experiences.Check out his newest venture in the video for “Chewing Cud” exclusively below:Noah Young’s full band includes drummer Walter Lundy (Bonerama), guitarist Danny Abel (Gravity A, Corey Henry’s Treme Funktet, Khris Royal and Dark Matter), saxophonist Brad Walker (Sturgill Simpson), keyboardist Jason Butler, keyboardist Sam Kuslan, with Noah on bass.Young tells us, “I feel fortunate to have some of my favorite musicians in New Orleans on my debut album Start The Reactor. These guys did an incredible job bringing my songs to life. Also my man Bill Daniel (Naughty Professor’s guitarist) did a great job recording, and mixing the album at his spot Wild Child Studios.”To celebrate the arrival of Start The Reactor, there will be a FREE album release concert on Saturday, January 14 at Blue Nile in New Orleans. Special guests Space and Harmony (featuring members of The Revivalists and Naughty Professor) will open up the evening, before Noah Young and his fantastic band take the stage. The show will start promptly at 10:30PM.last_img read more

AEG & Superfly Are Working On A New Festival In Colorado

first_imgColorado music fans may have a new exciting festival on the way, according to a report in the Denver Post. Promoters AEG and festival producers Superfly are currently in talks with city and state representatives to make this happen, with scouts eyeing two locations in Denver and a third potential spot in an “undisclosed Colorado city.”Superfly is perhaps best known for their work on Bonnaroo, curating super jams and other unique musical experiences for the fans to enjoy. With someone like AEG supporting the event, this new festival is certainly poised to become one of the biggest in the nation.AEG’s David Erlich cited Outside Lands as an example of their overall goal, something that ornately curates music, food, drink and more for a complete experience. Denver Parks and Recreation staff have already begun meeting with their counterparts in San Francisco to get a better understanding of how Outside Lands work, as well. If all goes to plan, this could be set up by 2018.Let’s hope this new festival happens for all of our Colorado music lovers![Photo from Firefly Music Festival]last_img read more