Local Officer Gives Tips Against IRS Scam

first_imgGREENDALE – Local authorities are reminding citizens that an IRS scam that first appeared in Indiana last month is still something worth knowing about.The phone scam involves a caller impersonating an IRS representative demanding immediate payments with pre-paid debit cards and wire transfers. The caller often claims the victim owes thousands of dollars in overdue taxes.Greendale Police have been receiving multiple calls regarding this type of scam.Sgt. Kevin Turner with the Greendale Police offers some tips to protect you in the event you receive a similar phone call:Most of the numbers reported to the Greendale Police show a 202 area code. This is a spoof of the Washington, DC area code.The person will often have a foreign accent.The person will threaten to close bank accounts, seize you home, or file a warrant. The IRS does not have authority to issue a warrant or seize belongings without a hearing.The IRS does not settle a debt by pre-paid card.In several instances the agent uses the identity of Kevin Anderson.They may call multiple times.They use pressure tactics and may even curse at you. An IRS agent would be in hot water by using that type of language.Sgt. Turner says, “These scammers are often working overseas or across North American International borders.  They are hard to identify and catch.  The best defense is to ignore the calls or hang up immediately.”If you feel that you have been a victim of a scam contact the Treasury Inspector General on the web here.last_img read more