Nikola Radmirović won the gold medal for the best innovation in tourism with the souvenir Croatia “heart of dice”

first_imgCroatian innovators achieve exceptional success every year, and Croatia is recognized worldwide as a country of innovation. Unfortunately, our innovators are not recognized in Croatia, where they fight alone or with mentors for a place under the sun, not to mention the financial and other conditions. He has money, it’s just misaligned. Croatia still seems to identify with the average, the status quo and does not understand how success happens to those who fight, who challenge them, who take risks and take action. “Everything that could be invented was invented ” said Charles H. Duell, director of the U.S. Patent Office back in 1899. Funny from today’s perspective, right?It is creativity and innovation that push humanity forward, add value and drive the economy. Innovators should be “rock stars”, faces from covers and billboards as well as role models for the younger generations. But it’s always easier to write about “tits and asses” and create stars out of questionable morals and values. Yellowness, black chronicle and populism is a reflection of our society. But it’s never too late to turn a new page and change the whole paradigm.Let’s start with ourselves. You are the change, start today.Related news:WHY ARE WE ASHAMED OF TESLA, PENKALA, VRANČIĆ AND ALL OUR OTHER INNOVATORS?IF AT LEAST A TIE WAS A CROATIAN PRODUCT, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD KNOW ABOUT CROATIAUNIQUE CROATIAN PRODUCT – ROOM HISTORION PRESENTED IN PANNONIAN WOOD CENTER OF COMPETENCES&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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The largest exhibition of innovations in Southeast Europe, the Be a Model / Innova 2017 fair, was held in Osijek, bringing together more than 500 participants from more than 15 countries. The success of the project is evidenced by the fact that it represents the winner at the national level for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017 EEPA (European Enterprise Promotion awards – EEPA 2017), a recognition by which the European Commission annually awards projects and initiatives of public bodies to promote entrepreneurship.Among many innovators, Nikola Radmirović, an artist and innovator from Požega, won a gold medal for a souvenir of the whole of Croatia and the award “Best Innovation in Tourism” – a souvenir of Croatia “heart of the dice”.Croatian cube, heart, souvenir of the whole of Croatia is conceived as a universal multifunctional souvenir of Croatia, and the element of the cube is incorporated into a more functional form of souvenir which is both a gift and a usable element of a desk. “The range of materials is unlimited, but Croatian Slavonian oak is suggested. The souvenir also has its own graphic version that forms a heart stylized from a red cube. The white cube is reserved for the text or name of any city, town, county in Croatia. The attractiveness of the souvenir is now supported by its practicality, ie it gives it use and sets it apart from the “dead” souvenir, a reminder that collects dust somewhere, now putting it into practical use as a daily reminder of a dear destination.“Points out Nikola Radmirović, innovator and artist.Nikola Radmirović, artist, innovator, visionaryRadmirović came up with the idea of ​​a souvenir as a souvenir solution that represents the whole of Croatia, and not to be tied to just one city, county or region. A souvenir that with its graphic version suggests love and heart from and towards the homeland incorporated into the recognizable elements of the Republic of Croatia, now with a practical multifunctional application that flirts with the famous Penkal through a pen holder, pen and business card and / or national flag, provides a kind of personal personalization object and an escape from the classic already seen, unfortunately stereotyped imported souvenirs. “The eternal problem of Croatia is that we have souvenirs, but we lack the recognizable, multifunctional ones that can be used for all tourist boards, counties, cities and areas. We have small, local souvenirs that do not reflect the whole of Croatia. In addition, I also thought about the fact that we do have a gingerbread heart. The heart is the heart, it has its round version and that’s it – nothing special. There is also this ubiquitous cube that often unhappily fits into a lot of things, sometimes too much, with a dose of kitsch, sometimes too little and imperceptibly. And I simply came up with the idea to make a checkered heart out of that cube! The heart has two fields, the base of the field is red, there is also a white cube which is a detail on which you can write the name of the city, county and the like”Radmirović pointed out and added that the attractiveness of this souvenir is given by its practicality and it can serve as a pen holder, and since we are the country of the famous Slavoljub Penkala, this gift would come with a pen in that version.For office desks, it can also serve as a stand for business cards, state flags, etc. Radmirović points out and adds that the souvenir simply invites interaction and personalization by users and, along with a dear reminder, represents an escape from classic stenciled, often imported souvenirs. In the end, the innovator points out that the plan is to make souvenirs from Slavonian oak and Brač stone.Tourist boards, hotels, businessmen, ambassadors of Croatian tourism and everyone else support innovators and a better Croatia. The macro for the promotion of the State is always every day that day, but slowly but surely, Christmas and the month of giving are approaching, so here is a nice opportunity to give your business partners, colleagues, friends a unique, authentic and different gift.last_img read more

Towns throughout NZ worried about drugs and housing crisis

first_imgRadio NZ News 12 December 2018Family First Comment: “there were some massive social challenges that were facing their communities. One that was extremely consistent was the damage of drugs…”DrugFree2025www.VoteNo.nzPeople in working class communities are most concerned about the effects of drug abuse and the housing crisis on their neighbourhoods.The Salvation Army said these social problems are holding back communities from thriving and it’s calling on the government to help fix the problem.The organisation interviewed more than 600 people on the streets of Kaitaia, Whangarēi, Manurewa, New Plymouth, Hornby and Timaru for its State of our Communities report, released today.When asked what the they would say if they could talk to the prime minister about their community, people in the six communities raised serious concerns about drugs, housing, lack of mental health services and economic problems that were holding back their neighbourhoods.Salvation Army policy analyst Ronji Tanielu said the report gives marginalised communities a voice.“There were some real thriving communities but they all acknowledged that there were some massive social challenges that were facing their communities. One that was extremely consistent was the damage of drugs, especially methamphetamine,” Mr Tanielu said.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more