Brace yourself A powerful earthquake will jolt the planet today

first_imgAn earthquake measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale struck Dahanu in Palghar district.Representational image | ReutersFrank Hoogerbeets is now a very popular name among conspiracy theorists and doomsday mongers; all credit goes to his earthquake predictions on his website Ditrianum. Interestingly, many of his earthquake predictions have gone right in recent days, and it has made many people believe that his advanced technology of foreseeing possible tremors is authentic. Now, Hoogerbeets has sensationally claimed that a powerful earthquake will jolt the planet today, April 25, 2019.It should be noted that Hoogerbeets had predicted the possibility of a very strong quake on April 24, and on this day, powerful tremors jolted Arunachal Pradesh, India. The earthquake that hit India measured 5.9 on the Richter scale. In the meantime, another measuring 6.1 in the Richter scale hit the Philippines on Tuesday resulting in the death of 16 people. The office of civil defense in the Philippines also added that more than 81 people are injured in the aftermath of the quake.Frank Hoogerbeets claims that it is a critical planetary alignment which is causing this increased seismic activities on the earth. As per Hoogerbeets, rare planetary alignments and lunar geometry will destabilize the tectonic plates on the earth, and this is the root cause of these quakes.”Earth’s alignment with the Sun and Uranus and additional lunar geometry may trigger larger seismic activity well over 6 magnitude or even 7 magnitude later on the 24th or 25th,” wrote Hoogerbeets on his website.Even though Hoogerbeets is sure about the possibility of a strong quake today, he failed to reveal the exact area which will be hit by this powerful earthquake.Hoogerbeets had several times in the past revealed that he is using an advanced system named Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) to predict earthquakes. However, experts have always dismissed Hoogerbeets’ earthquake predictions. As per seismic experts, no current technology is capable of predicting earthquakes with precision.last_img read more