“4 Jan” GC1T8R0 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 15, 2010

first_img“4 Jan” (GC1T8R0)The regular sized geocache “4 Jan” (GC1T8R0) hides in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, Scotland.  But the geocache isn’t “for” someone named Jan.  It has a different meaning altogether.Cache owner C3P4J created “4 Jan” as his first hide. He writes in the cache description that the name of the cache is the anniversary date of his wedding. He and his fiance were married on January 4th.Geocachers discover more than a sentimental geocache.  They are treated to amazing views of Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.The size of this cache makes it easy to trade items, sign the log book or even drop a Travel Bug.Depending on the route that you take, the three star terrain trek may require a bit of steep climbing.  The payoffs also include an unforgettable visit to the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel (pictured above and below).The cache has been found more than 150 times since to was placed in June of 2009.Continue your exploration with some of the most engaging geocaches from around the world. Explore all the Geocaches of the Week on our blog or view the Bookmark List on Geocaching.com.”4 Jan” in summerShare with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedThe Most Found Geocache in the WorldMay 19, 2013In “Community”High energy! — Fission around the bend (GC1NGRD) — Geocache of the WeekMay 28, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”Sea Shells – TB Stop & Go GCNWBC GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 6, 2012February 6, 2012In “Community”last_img read more

SXSW: Accelerator Finalists and Winners

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… sarah perez 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market At last week’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, 32 companies presented at the SXSW Accelerator awards, sponsored by Microsoft’s BizSpark. The companies spoke in front of a panel of judges, one of which was ReadWriteWeb’s editor, Richard MacManus, who helped in judging the news applications. By day two, 32 finalists were narrowed down to just 12, all competing for the top spot in one of four categories: news related technologies, innovative Web technologies, entertainment technologies and social media and social networking technologies.So, who won?The grand prize at this year’s awards show went to the following:News Related Technologies: StorifyInnovative Web Technologies: HipmunkEntertainment Technologies: TangoSocial Media & Social Networking Technologies: PopVoxIf you’re not familiar with these services, all are worth taking note of.Storify is a useful tool for creating stories using social media. We’ve used Stofify here at ReadWriteWeb to curate tweets about popular events, for example, including SXSW itself. But you can also make collections that include Flickr photos and YouTube videos, using the service.Hipmunk is an easy-to-use flight (and now lodging) search service which offers an improved interface for finding, sorting and filtering results. One of its sorting options is called “agony,” which the company describes as a way of sorting flights taking into account price, duration, and number of stops, combined. Hipmunk also recently launched an iPhone application that lets you perform flight searches on your phone, then book on your mobile or email yourself a link to the flight you chose.Tango is a free mobile calling service, that, unlike Apple’s FaceTime, works across platforms (iPhone and Android, and others soon). It also works over Wi-Fi and 3G, while FaceTime is currently limited to Wi-Fi-only. Tango hit 3 million downloads in November, and has now just recently reached 10 million.Finally, PopVox is a service providing real-time information on current legislation. Designed by people who have worked in around government for years, and advised by Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, the site lets you locate a bill you care about, declare your opposition or support and share that opinion directly with Congress. For politicians, the site provides a number of bill-tracking tools to stay on top of public sentiment.The other finalists at Accelerator included the Participatory Politics Foundation, a nonprofit promoting civic engagement; DocumentCloud, a tool for journalists that enables publishing public documents to a Web-based catalog; the eye-tracking service GazeHawk; Kabbage, a service providing funding to online merchants; Portalarium, makers of a new social game called Ultimate Collector; Viki, a crowd-sourced foreign-language captioning for the movies and TV shows; CompassLabs, a social media advertising agency; and Neighborgoods, a community that allows you to share items (e.g., a lawnmower, bike, drill, etc.) with your neighbors,Neighborgoods also got Accelerator’s Bootstrap Award for having done the most with the fewest resources. Tags:#news#web center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img read more

Top 5 After Effects Expressions for Better Designs

first_imgNew to using expressions in After Effects? These 5 AE expressions are a great start and will add power to your After Effects workflow.Expressions can seem really scary if you are new to After Effects. It took me a while to be comfortable with expressions to the point that I could write them on my own instead of copying from a Google search. They take time to learn, so have patience with them! There are many useful After Effects expressions that can automate processes and make your animations even better.According to motion designer and Premiumbeat blogger Sean Frangella, the following expressions are the top 5 to learn in After Effects. These provide a solid base for getting comfortable with AE expressions, but they only represent a small sample of what is possible. If you want to learn more about using expressions try checking out previous post:  How to Use Expressions in After EffectsFeel free to copy and paste these expressions into your own projects. Implement them into your AE workflow often and pretty soon you won’t need to copy them at all!In the following video tutorial, Sean Frangella shows us how to use all 5 of these expressions along with a few other great tips.This video was created by Sean Frangella. Along with having an awesome YouTube channel, Sean creates Cinema 4D tutorials here on the PremiumBeat blog. If you want to find some more insightful tutorials from Sean or chat with him, check out his facebook page.1. Wigglewiggle(1,15)The wiggle expression is by far the expression that I use the most in After Effects. Wiggle expressions do exactly what you might imagine, they wiggle an object across random values. This expression can be used to make your scene seem more organic and natural.The first number is the number of wiggles per second and the second number is the value of the wiggle. So, a position parameter with an expression of wiggle(2,30) will wiggle 2 times per second at up to 30 different expressions.2. Timetime*10The time expression is perfect for objects with perpetual motion. For example if you wanted to have an object rotate indefinitely you can simply add the word time as the rotation parameter and your object will rotate 1 degree for ever second. The time parameter also works with basic math equations, so if you wanted to have the previous object rotate 30 times faster, you can simply have the expression time*30.3. loopOut()loopOut()The loopOut() expression creates an infinite loop that will last forever. However, unlike the wiggle and time expression the loopOut() expression requires keyframes to be present. So if you had an object that rotates in a full circle in the span of 1 second you could add the loopOut() expression and the motion will be repeated forever.4. seedRandom()seedRandom(5)seedRandom() is just a hair more complicated than the previous keyframes, but it completely makes sense after you think about it for a few seconds.Random numbers aren’t completely random in After Effects. Sure, it may be called ‘random’, but in reality true random values cannot be achieved in javascript and subsequently After Effects. It’s for this reason that “random” numbers need to begin with some sort of base number. When After Effects draws this base number it uses the layer number that can be found on the far left side of the layer in the timeline. Each different iteration of “random” is called a seed so a random seed of 1 is different from a random seed of 2, but if you had similar wiggle expressions (i.e. wiggle(3,2)) with say a random seed of 5, they would actually wiggle in the exact same way.If you were to change a layer’s order in the timeline from slot 3 to slot 10 it’s random seed would change, thus your wiggle will now look completely different. This isn’t a huge problem, but sometimes a certain wiggle iteration looks absolutely perfect and you don’t want them to change if your project order changes. To fix this you can use the seedRandom() expression. This expression locks random seeds so that your expression doesn’t change if you add in new layers.5. Math.round()Math.round()Math.round() is an expression that rounds up decimal numbers to the nearest whole number. This is perfect for doing countdowns or numbers in the source text. Simply add your normal expression into the Math.round() expression parenthesis in your source text expression box and all your numbers will be rounded up.If you are really wanting to learn the ins-and-outs of expressions in After Effects, CodeAcademy offers an informative free JavaScript course that’s 100% free and worth checking out.Have any other expressions that you frequently use?Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Consumers Urged to Make Wise Purchases this Christmas

first_imgStory Highlights The Christmas season for many Jamaicans can be a joyous and wonderful time; however, after it has passed, many consumers regret transactions that were done in the marketplace.Speaking at a recent press briefing at The Courtleigh Hotel in New Kingston, Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) Chairman, Kent Gammon, said that among the reasons for regret is buyers’ remorse.“When you go and make a very expensive purchase and you think you may have made a wrong choice, you may think that you have been overly influenced by a very crafty vendor. You must be aware of that, and it is something you need to guard against,” he says.He encourages consumers to not be overzealous in purchasing products, but to be wise in making decisions before buying.“Make sure that you can fit it within your budget, because it is very frustrating when you go over your budget and you can’t meet your other expenses as they come along,” Mr. Gammon tells JIS News.The Chairman is also urging consumers to only buy items that come with warranties, especially when purchasing electrical products.“You are required by the Consumer Protection Act to have a warranty, so you need to insist on it, and if you do not get one, please let us know in writing and we will certainly pay a visit to that provider. There are sanctions under our Act, because we need to have you protected when you spend your hard-earned money,” Mr. Gammon says.The Chairman further notes that consumers should ensure that the electrical appliances are working before leaving the store and that they have their receipts, “so that if you have any problems, you have redress”.For the 2017/18 financial year to date, the electrical equipment and appliances category has generated most complaints, accounting for 34.47 per cent of the total complaints made by consumers.The CAC is advising consumers to read all labels and manuals carefully; observe the manufacturer’s instructions in the use of any product purchased, as abuse or misuse may void the warranty coverage; ask about return policy and warranty; and to utilise the services of a store or certified electrician if installation is required.Meanwhile, Director at the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA), Orine Henry, says the Authority is partnering with the CAC for the Christmas season to focus on toys, electrical appliances, Christmas lights, processed foods and clothing and shoes in terms of labelling.“What we are asking consumers to do is to be very careful when they are purchasing toys. Look at the labels and ensure that you take particular care (when looking) at hazard warnings and anything that could cause choking,” Ms. Henry says.Persons are also being encouraged to get safety gear for items such as bicycles, scooters and skateboards.As it relates to electrical appliances, consumers are being asked to look at labels to ensure that the manufacturer’s name, number and address are present as well as the serial number for the product and the supply voltage.“You also look for the approved certification mark, and a popular one is Underwriters Laboratories (UL)… . Once you see that mark, it is saying that the product has been certified,” the Director states.On another matter, Ms. Henry says consumers should ensure that the Christmas lights that are being purchased have the requisite labelling information and that they are working before leaving the store.For processed foods, Jamaicans are encouraged to be extremely careful by looking at the labels, ingredient listings, date marks and net quantity declarations.Ms. Henry adds that persons should purchase their products from reputable sources.“We are imploring consumers to make sure that you are informed at the point of sale,” she tells JIS News.The CAC is a fully funded Government agency, which was established to inform, educate and empower consumers to protect themselves in the marketplace.The Commission conducts market research, provides complaint-resolution services and runs an active consumer-education programme. The CAC operates under the Trade Act of 1955 and the Consumer Protection Act of 2005. The Christmas season for many Jamaicans can be a joyous and wonderful time; however, after it has passed, many consumers regret transactions that were done in the marketplace. “When you go and make a very expensive purchase and you think you may have made a wrong choice, you may think that you have been overly influenced by a very crafty vendor. You must be aware of that, and it is something you need to guard against,” he says. Speaking at a recent press briefing at The Courtleigh Hotel in New Kingston, Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) Chairman, Kent Gammon, said that among the reasons for regret is buyers’ remorse.last_img read more