Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Now Available in China

first_img[UPDATE 6/13/17]: The new Inspiron Gaming Desktop with Windows 10 is available in the U.S. starting today, from $599.99 USD.It’s no secret that PC gaming is blowing up. The Open Gaming Alliance has projected it to grow to as high as a $35B market by 2018.At Dell, we’ve been on the front lines and bleeding edge of PC gaming for more than 20 years bringing innovative new systems and technology to market to keep you prepped for battle. While we have honed our craft with our incredible Alienware products, we recognized that there are gamers seeking a competitive advantage at a more accessible price, so we introduced our new Inspiron Gaming notebook line-up in January.That brings us to exciting news from Computex 2017 – we’re adding our first desktop in the Inspiron Gaming line-up, the Inspiron Gaming Desktop with Windows 10, starting at $599.Following the success of the Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop, launched at CES 2017 and already a favorite among reviewers, the new Inspiron Gaming Desktop sports the latest AMD multicore Ryzen processors. They feature SenseMI which dynamically optimizes power consumption, task routing and clock speeds to deliver exceptional responsiveness and performance whether you are gaming, streaming or in VR.“The addition of the Inspiron Gaming Laptop makes sense after the success of its laptop counterpart. Not everyone wants or needs a portable gaming machine, so providing a desktop option to those customers could encourage them to invest in a casual gaming device,” said Valentina Palladino in Ars Technica.“’Affordable gaming desktop’ isn’t a phrase that inspires much confidence, but Dell hasn’t cut many corners with the Inspiron Gaming Desktop,” noted Kyle Wiggers in Digital Trends.This new desktop is also built so you can expand, upgrade and update with ease. It comes with power supply options up to 850 watts for dual discrete graphics from AMD and NVIDIA, its ready for VR graphics cards, supports up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, offers advanced CPU cooling options and comes with Waves MaxxAudio Pro with 7.1 Channel HD audio. It also offers a convenient SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C™ port and up to six SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports total, a wide selection of high-capacity hard drives with responsive SSD and dual-drive options plus up to five storage bays.The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop is currently available on in China and will be available on and at select retailers worldwide in the coming weeks.Stay tuned for more exciting gaming news from Dell and Alienware on June 12 at E3! read more

The 6 Myths About Servers That Almost Everyone Believes

first_img“How long do we use our servers?”“Until they die.”That was a real conversation I had with another system admin during my first week at a new job in 1998. Google “how long should you go before refreshing servers” and you will find that the topic is still debated. But, why?When you buy something that isn’t disposable, you own it for its useful life. Your goal is to get the most out of it before you have to replace it. A car is a great example. You buy it and plan to drive it for as long as possible. It costs a lot upfront and you need to recoup that cost, right? But, how long before an old car becomes too expensive to maintain compared to buying a new one? Repair cost is the key variable for most people to consider. But, if you commute an hour each way to work, you might factor in the increased fuel efficiency of a new car. But if you don’t drive much, a couple of extra miles per gallon is pretty meaningless. On the other hand, to the owner of a taxi company in New York City, a few extra miles per gallon could save millions.Twenty years ago, most companies thought about technology as a cost to minimize and tried to squeeze every last ounce out of it. Today, organizations of all shapes, sizes, and organizational structures are transforming and rely heavily on technology. For a business to transform, they must embrace doing things differently. An easy place to start is by evaluating your company’s server refresh guidelines. Some companies have learned to maximize their server investment and opt for faster refreshes. But, as the IDC report Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles shows, for many companies, old habits are hard to break. Let’s take a look at the myths leading to an average server refresh cycle of 5.8 years when it’s clearly beneficial to refresh more often.Myth 1: To Get the Most Value From a Server, Use It as Long as PossibleNot true. It actually costs a company more to keep existing servers instead of refreshing them. A lot more. Companies who refresh servers every 3 years have operating costs 59% lower than companies who refresh their servers every 6 years.Myth 2: The Cost to Acquire and Deploy a New Server Is More Than Just Keeping the Old OneWrong. The cost of operating a server in years 4-6 increases to 10 times the initial server acquisition cost. The reason is because the increasing costs are not linear and jump significantly as a server ages past 3 years. In fact, by year 6, a server requires 181% more staff time and exerts a productivity cost of 447% more than in year 1.Myth 3: Upgrading Servers Is a Cash-Flow DrainIt’s actually the opposite. Even when you factor in the cost of acquisition and the cost of deploying new servers, a company that refreshes twice every 6 years instead of just once will have a 33% lower net cash flow. And if servers are a significant investment for your business (e.g. 300 servers), that could translate to a savings up to $14.6 million. Efficiencies of new servers and the benefits of consolidation (e.g. replacing 300 servers with 247 servers) make this savings possible.Myth 4: It Takes Too Long to Realize the Benefits of Refreshed ServersIncorrect. Remember, the cost of a server starts to increase rapidly in year 4. But, if you replaced it instead, you would not incur those costs. The cumulative benefits of user productivity time savings, IT staff time savings, and IT infrastructure cost savings pays for that new server in less than a year. To be more precise, it occurs in about 9 months.Myth 5: Newer Servers Have No Impact on Increasing RevenueFalse. But, this concept can be a little difficult to understand without hearing from the companies who increased their revenue. IDC highlights two different companies in their report: a logistics company and an educational services company. In both cases, the greater agility, capacity, and shorter time to delivery with the new servers helped them win additional business. IDC calculated the additional revenue per server at $123,438.Myth 6: Buying Servers Is a Capital ExpenseNot anymore. There are traditional leasing options as well as new innovative payment options such as Pay As You Grow and Provision and Pay from Dell Financial Services.Don’t let these myths continue to keep your business from moving forward. The new generation of PowerEdge Servers are more scalable and agile, perform better, are more power efficient, and can help you consolidate more than the previous generation of servers released about 3 years ago. And if you embrace a 3 year server refresh cycle instead of every 6 years, you can take advantage of these innovations and say goodbye to higher costs.last_img read more

Compliance: NCUA releases MBL FAQs to aid implementation

first_imgNCUA’s revised member business lending (MBL) rule has been in effect for more than 6 months now, and according to the agency, it has received a number of questions about the rule and its implementation. In this quarter’s NCUA Report, the agency tackled some of the most frequently asked questions.Chief among those questions is: What are NCUA’s expectations under the new MBL and commercial loan rule?The answer: NCUA expects credit unions to offer commercial loans in a safe and sound manner and structured appropriately for the member’s needs and within the member’s financial abilities.The new rule requires active oversight by senior managers and the board, but also extends flexibility to credit unions to establish policies and program controls instead of prescriptive regulatory requirements.The rule now takes a more principles-based approach to managing a commercial loan program and allows management to tailor appropriate risk-management practices to suit their individual circumstances. 15SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

What to consider when planning for the unplanned

first_img 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jay Slagel Mr. Slagel is an insurance professional with more than 35 years of claims experience in the marketplace and more than 20 years in the supervision and management of claims staff. … Web: Details Tornado or flood damagePower outagesRoad closuresAlarm system or building security failuresPhone or internet malfunctionsSupplier shipment issues Think about how each potential scenario would affect your core business and your ability to service your account holdersBackup your dataBack up both print and electronic dataHave a plan for safely backing up data in case your computers or servers are destroyedDevelop formal procedures to document intellectual “data” and educate employees about that knowledge on a regular basisThink about business needsFigure out what equipment you would need to continue running your business if a disaster strikesThing about what would be needed to stay open and serve your customers if certain parts of your business shut down or were destroyedDetermine the people, supplies or services you would need to tap for assistance with continuing business operationsConsider the impact on claims activity and how you can address this in a timely fashion whilst in the midst of a disasterTest and share the completed planRun drills on an ongoing basis to determine how well you have done in laying out the plan and communicating it to your employeesLet employees know you’ re going to test their familiarity with disaster procedures at random timesSimulate some of the scenarios set out in your plan to see how the employees will reactEducate your employees about the finalized plan, making sure they understand what to do and where to go in the event of a disasterContact Allied Solutions to learn more about disaster planning.center_img With hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the California wild fires, disaster planning is something that many of us our thinking hard about these days. We all want to do as much as we can to prepare for these unexpected disasters, so that our businesses and consumers remain protected when these events occur. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of important things to consider as you establish or modify your disaster recovery and response procedures:Establish a planning committeeForm a contingency planning committee before getting startedKeep them in place for as long as it takes to put your plan togetherIdentify individuals who will bring a variety of perspectivesDevelop an employee roster with contact informationKeep a list of the names of all employeesInclude alternate ways that people can communicate with each other – the more, the merrierInclude home phone numbers, non-work e-mail addresses, and cell phone numbersDetermine a chain of commandDefine a clear chain of command and authority to employ during a disasterClearly state who would make decisions and take charge of the staff if key personnel go missingCommunicate the defined chain of command to all employeesThink about work space alternativesDetermine from where you would run your business if something happened to your primary base of operationsFigure out how and where you would serve your customersThink about which of your employees could work out of their homes and what services they could step up to provide in place of others without accessConsider working with another financial institution to share their facilities until you could rent or buy space at a new locationUncover your main vulnerabilitiesTake everything into account and think about anything that could go wrongMake a checklist of things to consider before, during and after a disasterlast_img read more

‘Kerak telor’, grilled octopus spice up Cap Go Meh in Jakarta

first_imgOne of the most-visited stalls at the festival, run by 37-year-old named Samsudin, offers grilled octopus. Grilled with a spicy sauce, the octopus is sold for Rp 35,000 (US$2.5) per portion.“I opened my stall at 10 a.m., and after around two hours, I have served around 70 portions of the octopus,” Samsudin told The Jakarta Post on Saturday.Many visitors also visit the dodol betawi stall owned by Satibi, with flavors ranging from original to durian flavor.“So far, I have earned Rp 5 million from selling dodol,” he said, adding that he sold varieties of dodol from Rp 15,000 to Rp 140,000 per pack.Aside from culinary delights, visitors to the festival can enjoy a barongsai (lion dance) performance, the liong dragon dance and a parade involving traditional Betawi art, such as ondel-ondel (giant Betawi effigies) and gambang kromong (traditional Betawi musical ensemble). (glh)Topics : Forty-five food stalls serving a variety of delicacies were displayed at a culinary festival on Jl. Pancoran in Pinangsia subdistrict, West Jakarta, to celebrate Cap Go Meh on Saturday.The celebration of Cap Go Meh, which translates to “the fifteenth night”, closes 15 days of Chinese New Year festivities.The culinary festival will last during the weekend, offering food and beverages ranging from traditional favorites of Jakarta’s Betawi people, such as kerak telor (Betawi-style omelet made of duck eggs and rice) and dodol betawi (a traditional toffee-like sweets made of palm sugar) to Chinese staples like dumplings and fried meatballs.last_img read more

Two Australian evacuees positive for virus after being cleared in Japan

first_imgJapanese health minister Katsunobu Kato challenged the Australian account, indicating some evacuees may have not been cleared.”We still don’t know the details, and to obtain details we need to communicate (with the Australian authorities), but not all the Australians who left together by a chartered flight had gotten negative test results,” he said.The Australians who left by chartered flight “include those who we recognise as people who were cleared to disembark and those who were not”.Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, said the public should not be concerned.”I just want to reassure the community that whilst this is another two cases in Australia, it’s a first for some time now. These were expected and we’re well-placed to manage them,” he said.Fifteen previous cases of coronavirus in Australia had been linked to the outbreak of the illness in China.Topics : Two Australians evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for coronavirus on their return home despite being cleared in Japan, authorities said Friday.Health officials in Canberra told AFP all 164 Australians who returned home earlier this week were tested for COVID-19 in Japan and returned negative results.But six evacuees have since been retested, and two — described as “an older person” and “a younger person” — were found to be infected. “Those two people have mild illness,” said Dianne Stephens, acting chief health officer for the Northern Territories.Australian officials stressed the discovery was “not unexpected”, given the continued spread of the disease on the Diamond Princess after testing began.Hundreds of foreigners have been allowed to leave the ship after being cleared of the virus, but many have returned to their home countries to face further quarantine.Hundreds of cleared Japanese passengers, however, were warned only to “stay at home unless absolutely necessary”, to never use public transport, and to use a mask if they venture out.last_img read more

Jokowi calls on public to remain calm, emphasizes importance of praying amid pandemic

first_imgPresident Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has called on the public to remain patient and calm as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the lives of Indonesians across the archipelago.In a mass prayer event held by the Religious Affairs Ministry on Thursday morning, Jokowi encouraged the public to stay optimistic by assisting those in need during these unprecedented times.He also emphasized the importance of praying as a vital component in the country’s efforts to overcome the current health crisis.“Let us face this challenge with patience and composure. Panic is half of the disease, equanimity is half of a cure, and patience determines recovery,” Jokowi said in his opening speech.The President went on to say that he was moved by the rise of community movements that aim to provide for the needs of those bearing the brunt of the health emergency, as it signifies the country’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes.“[…] the rise of unity from all corners [of the nation] is a great force that strengthens my belief that we can overcome this disaster together,” Jokowi said.In the same event, COVID-19 national task force head Doni Monardo also called on citizens to support each other and keep practicing preventive measures to minimize the risk of infection.“I believe that, with the spirit of unity and discipline, we will be able to survive [this pandemic],” Doni said.Read also: COVID-19: People will feel calm if govt is credible, SBY saysThe event, which was streamed live on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel, featured several prominent religious figures, including Muslim scholar Quraish Shihab, Indonesia Confucianism High Assembly (Matakin) chairman Budi S. Tanuwibowo, and Indonesian Council of Bishops chairman Ignatius Cardinal Suharyo.As of Wednesday, Indonesia had confirmed at least 15,438 COVID-19 cases and 1,028 deaths linked to the disease.Topics :last_img read more

Nordea AM hires new equities CIO from UK

first_imgHe will take over from Hyldahl, who has been covering the equities role during the recruitment process.Hyldahl himself took over the top job at the subsidiary in April following the departure of his predecessor Alan Pollack, who left to become chief executive of pension provider PFA.As the new equity CIO, Lovett will be joining Nordea Asset Management’s senior executive management.He will be in charge of its five equity boutiques, private equity and responsible investments, Nordea said.His most recent job was head of equities and deputy chief investment officer at Ignis Asset Management in the UK, a firm which was bought by Standard Life last year. Before that he was at Allianz Global Investors as co-CIO for European equities and a member of the European management group responsible for the firm’s equity platform.Hyldahl said Lovett would help the business develop its single boutiques as well as the cooperation between boutiques, in order to produce strong investment performance over the long-term, he said.Nordea said Lovett’s role was created in January, when the investment organisation was split into four units.Nordea Asset Management is the biggest asset manager in the Nordics with €191bn under management at the end of June 2015.At group level, Nordea Bank today announced it’s chief executive Christian Clausen is stepping down after more than eight years in the role.He will be replaced by Casper von Koskull, who will become the group’s new president and group chief executive.Torsten Hagen Jørgensen has been appointed as the new group COO and deputy group chief executive.The changes come into effect on 1 November, with Clausen continuing in an advisory role until the end of 2016, when he will retire, Nordea said. Nordea Asset Management has hired Briton Mark Lovett as its equity CIO, a role that will see him head one of four new units it set up in January.Lovett will relocate to Copenhagen and take up the job no later than 17 August, according to Nordea, the Nordic and Baltic banking group of which Nordea Asset Management is a part.A spokesman said Lovett’s job will involve much travelling around the Nordic countries.Christian Hyldahl, head of Nordea Asset Management, said: “I am glad that we have been able to recruit Mark who has extensive experience within equities and the European asset management industry as well as cross-border management experience.”last_img read more

Victim’s cousin gets emotional in court while testifying

first_img Sharing is caring! Court gavel. Photo credit: lazytechguys.comIn day one of the trial into the death of Charlesworth Christopher junior on Monday, his twenty-one (21) year old cousin who witnessed the incident broke down in tears on the witness stand.Stebin Valentine is on trial for manslaughter of Christopher which occurred about 1:30 am on the 30th of August, 2009 in Portsmouth.Ashton Joseph of Portsmouth testified that he was standing on the western side of the road outside his cousin’s house, after coming from a party with Valentine, awaiting a friend to bring him his mobile phone.Christopher was sitting on a step outside his house along with Kadisha Peter, Francine Sango, Kevin Nathan and Stebin Valentine. He said, his cousin and Valentine were having a conversation about 6 feet away from where he was standing and he could not hear what they were speaking about. However, he heard Junior said, “let me see it” which “caught his attention”.“I just looked in their direction, after he [Christopher] said let me see it. I saw Stebin taking out something from the side of his waist and while showing it to him, there was a loud explosion and sparks fly. It was like a gunshot,” he said.He described a black gun, about six inches, using his index fingers to demonstrate how big it appeared to him.After the loud explosion, the witness said he saw his cousin “with his hands stretching and going back” and he fell to the ground on his side.“After my cousin hit the ground, Valentine stood up from the step he was sitting on and he said, “boy look at what I do, look at what I do. I running home” and he was holding the gun and looking at Christopher,” Joseph said tearfully.Junior’s mother; Laurencia Laville, who was present in court was also in tears. Joseph continued that Valentine “dashed out” towards the neighbor’s hedges towards Cabrits but he remained on the scene in shock.Then he went to his cousin’s side and noticed that blood was coming from above his left eye and a “white stuff” was coming from his mouth but he never spoke.Faustin Alexis of Portsmouth, who is also Christopher’s cousin and neighbor, said, “About 2am I was at my home on my bed reading my bible with my girlfriend Sheila Dumas. I heard a noise which sounded like a Christmas bomb or a fire crack coming from the south”.Initially when he heard the noise he did not do anything, however when he heard someone crying, his girlfriend spoke to him and he “put on a boxer shorts and I looked and saw Laurencia holding the deceased on the side of the road with a bath towel and she was crying”.He then went to his vehicle, after he had a conversation with a guy named Khalil, started it and transported Junior to the Portsmouth hospital, where he noticed blood coming from his head and he was shaking, and assisted in putting Christopher on a stretcher.Dr. Carl Monroe, a registered medical officer, testified that he examined Junior’s body about 3:15am at the accident and emergency department of the Princess Margaret Hospital.According to his evidence, Junior had a bullet wound about .05cm to his forehead, there was bloody secretions coming from his mouth and he was gasping for breath.He attempted to stabilize him “by setting up oxygen and IV lines however he was not responsive” therefore he attempted CPR which was to no avail.Monroe revealed under cross examination that he also used stimuli; which he explained to be applying painful pressure to one’s body, to resuscitate him but there was no response.He pronounced Christopher dead at 3:30am and the body was transported to the morgue to facilitate an autopsy.Christopher was twenty-two (22) years old at the time of his death.Dominica Vibes News Share Tweet Sharecenter_img Share 80 Views   6 comments LocalNews Victim’s cousin gets emotional in court while testifying by: – July 2, 2012last_img read more