Farewell to the search engine website traffic still do loud

fate to search engine, search engine is dependent on the weather, give you much sunshine, you can produce less food. But for the industry group of promotion, but it is out of such a comfortable. You have done them in the most active industry groups, what position, then your promotion is the most effective. Directory as A5 webmaster network’s "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝), in soliciting activities is not a brand for their own industry promotion? On such examples, in the promotion of the Internet staged every day. In addition to some industries in the advertising industry, QQ group promotion, soft Wen and so on, but do the promotion in the industry, in the course of time, direct access.

website construction to the whole, and the search engine the indissoluble bound, no way, who let the search engine users master the habit? Look things up, search engine seems to have become all users since the Convention, so webmaster website to get traffic, can only rely on the search engine of the carrier. However, mercurial search engine who is also unpredictable, today you rank the sky is clear, but tomorrow may have a thunderstorm is reduced flow. Don’t rank the station is an abandoned station? Even if there is no ranking and how, the life of the website in the hands of users, across the search engine, direct access to

two: for the industry group to promote

on how to get traffic across the search engine, we first need to understand the user channel from the Internet to browse information. The first search engine, search engine to occupy the vast majority of user traffic, so everything is for me". Second: direct input address, the composition of body: visit customers and attracted users, users pay for a website through memory or bookmark back again, attracted users when it is learned that the website address, interested in the type of access. Third other external links, such as soft links in forum posts links and so on, the user opens the active or passive link. This three points up a website all traffic sources, but basically the webmaster usually optimization is often the first point based, supplemented by other, which also led to the excessive dependence on search engine. The analysis below is a new binary "easou Links platform" source:

The development of traffic and not?

: a

is a main part of the website traffic must be "search engine"? On this point, the legend is the best explanation! Although it is a new station, but from the beginning of the main flow of binary will lead the industry to consolidate their own website traffic, but not all hope to search engine to decide. At the same time, the more you other traffic, is more conducive to optimization, the site quality is high, the user can directly input.


analysis of the flow of the background

Crazy love Shanghai related search

to know what the real crazy love Shanghai search, looks really scary, but I said ah, I’m definitely not software brush out, but sometimes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking disturbance test with some figures behind the search keywords such as.



Hu Yang today is not to say, speak with the map simple. Do not know if anyone remember this article "Shanghai dragon optimization ranking disturbance test" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120603/435443.shtml, I in the end of this article mentioned such a word: rankings rapidly when the user clicks on the ranking principle, can consider appropriate random combinations of words and letters or numbers. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon huyang贵族宝贝/ Hu Yang to give you an example here:

now we completely know what is love Shanghai search crazy now, don’t believe those hook ranking methods, if you really want to brush, like I do, their leisure time search keywords + number, easy to start to love Shanghai related search brush out. In fact, when we use the software brush search, we act as the head of the role more often, people are using their own IP, of course, this is also a bit too.


Look at the top of this map you

here is a point, Hu Yang is not a general name, the name name for such a lot of people really, love Shanghai index keywords Hu Yang index in about 100, although some people may say this word is not what competitive. But I want to say is: I do not have the ability to do not have the energy to do those competitive particularly strong words, I say is just a method and idea.

Following the overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon teams see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

second, buy a lot of negative connection is because someone can do on the rankings, but please similar to your Shanghai Longfeng agency or company not to mislead the novice, from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon means are different, so buy a large number of connections just for your personal thoughts or what you think is love Shanghai search engine rules. Love is not the people of Shanghai machine. If you do not bid keyword promotion, there is no manual intervention, and you think that love will keep an eye on your site in Shanghai every day to see if you have the chain? Found outside the chain to see Google’s link value. The chain is really in love will not affect the site ranking of Shanghai, the chain of query results and love Shanghai, are included in other pages in your site links, so that is the chain. The chain and Links buy can not pass. If you think that people are buying links IQ problems, then I want to ask you, why do people a day income tens of thousands, and your income is not up to it, reflect on their. The chain of investment is venture investment, is not useless.

third, if you want to say, not so much money, please ask a Shanghai Phoenix or Shanghai dragon team to optimize a website for a year how much money? Any merchant or boss.

first, you said not to be able to do single page website home page. I can do this for example, any search results is less than ten thousand, less than 20 of the Shanghai love index index, as long as there is a single page keyword to the second, and the first row. The single page does not affect the user experience, any single page can create reputation and benefit, just the way you are narrow, so you go wide you can see. Once a crazy legend, SP and so on, I believe that these old Shanghai dragon can contact er. The National People’s Congress single page daily income of more than hundreds of thousands of people in. Perhaps you will say that this is the edge or grey areas. Then I’ll give you mention, Amway and the United States some necessities or Taobao, are single page. The site without core, there is still profit. If you do stand still rely on love Shanghai or other search engines, then you will fail. The user experience is not empty, not only ranked user experience. Depending on the search engine users click to enter, you can really remember domain name not be more than thirty percent people also believe that if you do experience is to cater to the search engine, then you should think about how to do the station just cater to the user, for the user to read, but do not look to the search engines. The user that single page value, it is valuable, you made 163 as the portal, no one or no one. Experience is that whether the user demand, rather than the rankings.

before an article has been a lot of controversy, but also hurt many so-called Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training heart. Since some people to distinguish, I am not vague, you will have to explain why, it is really sad. The original article: an overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon worker article against defense

Hitwise360 search for the first two weeks of September PV slow decline


360 search traffic share fluctuated between 9% to 10%, love Shanghai visits share rose, rose from 57.1% to 58.3%. Google Hongkong will continue to decline, fell from 6.5% to 6%.


Hitwise report, visit the page (PV) refers to the total number of users to access the site page browsing, access is refers to the number of user access to the site.

in September, the monitoring data from the Hitwise show, from September 1st -14, two weeks, 360 search PV share fell by nearly one percentage point decline from 7.1% to 6.2%, PV from 25 million to the highest decline in the number of 20 million, love Shanghai earlier PV share rose by one percentage point, up from 59.4% to 60.4%.


360 search on August 16th on the line, traffic increased dramatically, just a week to occupy 10% market share, become second only to the second largest source of search traffic to love Shanghai.

data access pages



Hitwise share

360 search PV

then 360 search and love Shanghai launched 360 of its own offensive and defensive war, search and browser navigation page (hao.360.cn) to replace the default search for their own search, love Shanghai is forced to jump through 360 search into love, know Shanghai Post Bar service page.


Hitwise visits share data

September 20th, 360 announced the opening of the so贵族宝贝 as the main domain name search service, before the use of 360sou贵族宝贝 and sou贵族宝贝 will jump to the domain name domain name. (Wood

September 24th morning news, according to the third party data Hitwise data released today show that the recent 360 search page (PV) showed a slow decline, September 1st -14, two weeks PV share fell from 7.1% to 6.2% over the same period, traffic share changes is not obvious, the fluctuation in 9% and 10%, love Shanghai edged up Google Hongkong continue to decline.

A station site optimization experience 5 years Adsense summary

(a) and the implementation of the correct planning website.

(two) high quality original content users really need.

(three) continuous innovation to improve our work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

in 2013 this day in Shanghai on various websites ranking requirements is very high, but the Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly now the lowest cost optimization of Internet marketing strategy, and it can make the rapid development of an industry, can effectively increase the attention of people, let more people to understand the information content of our website brings. We believe that such benefits are also known, but now the search engine to fight Shanghai dragon is great, so it also needs to pay attention to the optimization in some more, improve their own website optimization strategy continuously, so that today I share with you my years to do some summary stand wise remark of an experienced person the hope that useful to you.

said, I believe a lot of pseudo original, acquisition of the website this is deep, because in the past two years, the search engine or continue to fight against this type of website, and pay attention to and support those who pay attention to the original content of the webmaster. Especially some Adsense always feel your website is poor, spiders don’t grab, the reason may lie in the quality of website content. So a website wants to have a good development, high quality original content of power is essential. And when we write the content of the contents of the layout editor is also need to pay attention to, as www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is the user’s perspective in writing. In addition after writing a good article. Not for such a spider to grab the Oh, we’d better keep some blog or platform account, whenever we publish some good content on the site, and immediately through their own blog or some other platform to promote and bring the link, so it can it is effective to attract spider crawling.

said the site, I believe every.

we all know, no matter before what we are doing things prior to planning, and then to implement, in fact for the site is like this. So the line on the site before we need to understand what we have to do is express the following website, so as to carry out the planning, this is undoubtedly in the search engine after we have laid a good foundation for the optimization. And we also have early on in the selection of the purpose of the website keywords, because our days after the site is a large part of the need to rely on search engine users, but the user is through this keyword to find our website, so the choice of keywords is very important. And we also need to pay attention to some of the tabu search engine optimization and affect the user experience in the early work, for example, the design of the web page, as far as possible to be static, or not conducive to spider crawling. There are websites advertising adjustment, should be reasonable and clear, a series of notes will not affect the user experience and so on.


360 love the Sea disputes is bound to affect the future search pattern


search listed low-key, but on the second day of the listing will occupy 10% market share in search for all to see it low-key! From 360 search listing in August 16th to love Shanghai No. 22 to No. 25 announcement algorithm to update the search rankings change love Shanghai, love Shanghai this a series of movements not to the 360 declared: Hey! Dude, come on, I am ready to fight

! !The hidden

3Q war lasts long, fierce, the 360 eventually lost, but let many people see the resilience and perseverance of 360, the Tencent to get is weakened, is no benefit. Today 360 turns to love Shanghai, and domestic search to work, must have their own set of tactics, then we will analysis 360 what are their advantages:

but the 360 jump so fast search behind the study is not difficult to find a problem, 360 search does not seem to be their own technology, all the search results are identical with the love Shanghai! Let us wonder, 360 did not go forward with great strength and vigour struck, firing a shot to steal someone else’s results, this method is not in fact, not only immoral? We found the problem, love inside Shanghai certainly in the study, if the 25 love is really big changes in Shanghai ranked in 360 and adjusted it, then love Shanghai 360 will certainly be greater to fight /p>! "As everyone knows the

users: 3Q wide during the war is not difficult to find 360 security guards for the user is a huge number of collective, then the overwhelming advertising also do not understand IT ordinary Internet users have a deep impression in 360, so the 360 have their own advantage is richly endowed by nature users, download the installation of 360 products are know, 360 security browser is bound in many products, it also created the browser user groups are 360 eroded part, since it is their own browser then home surely can be set into its own search page, which is the reason why the 360 listed a day to quickly occupy the market, ordinary users will not distinguish different search engine is good, they only care about their own search results. So, dare to love and 360 sea Doo, emboldened in their user groups on the

exclusive technology: today’s "cloud computing" and "big data" and so on new technical terms can almost and search engine posted above. The IT industry is still an industry based, not their own exclusive technology and rich technical accumulation, so with the development of enterprises, technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises sooner or later. 360 search since it is listed low-key, so his team behind the scenes is definitely abnormal low-key, fight the most attention is the enemy, not to let others understand their own technology, others for your elusive, it is also the 360 of their usual means of

While Zhou Hongyi maintained 360

: time to market reasonable choice listed in August 16th, popular, "

How do you know the domain name is registered or K.

for the domain name ever been K problem. He is not the first confirmed previously been registered, if it is registered to be careful of course. Query a domain name is K, is the general method of inquiry of the chain:

? The first step of

special chain optimization:


then you can judge, if the first step is to record, second steps are also recorded, can be assured of domain name registration; if the first step has no record of second records, the domain name is K a great possibility.

The secondsWebsite optimization

. Once registered to a domain name is K, but an obstacle to the search engine optimization later! Because the search engine may be included on your website or refused to for a long time of the observation period,

so how do you know if a domain name is registered? Is very simple, as long as the domain name query whois.domaintools贵族宝贝 query domain name registration information, you can know. Can also go to the love station network

sometimes accidentally registered a K web site, it is not the site can not be used? It is not certain, as long as you can re submit the URL, careful management,

timely update the content, slowly will reply to your site search engine friendly.

of the website operation can not be ignored.

is registered but not what, but if K had been that it is necessary to pay attention to. The domain name registration is a lot to pay attention to place, one of the most important of course is to see if it has not been the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines K

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

second "domain: domain name is input on the navigation bar.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

directly enter the URL to view, whether the weight information information outside the chain can determine a look.

"site: the domain name", is in the input " navigation bar; site: domain name " see if there is a record of

; optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

finally settle on a domain, but how do I know if domain name is registered or K

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

website right down topics:

Eliminate hidden dangers high repetitive links love Shanghai included the same content

A: at the beginning of construction site standardization good website URL, whether it is foreign or internal links, unified selection of static page, all possible dynamic link dual or multiple all static generation. In this way, the website basically to avoid duplicate URL links.

just found a Links. In fact, this article is only a just, but why be included so much? Is because the site in the optimization process, ignoring the shielding of some links, leading to the same content there is more irregular URL links were included. But it was collected, but also be eliminated sooner or later, but very easy to bring the search engine will power to punish, so people don’t learn how to increase your page, to do is to optimize the check erroneous ideas at the outset.

what kind of link is repeated

links? links? In terms of the

in general, a lot of program design is not perfect, even if Discuz also have high repeatability link part. Such as: www.Xxxx/1.html is a web page, and at the same time there are www.Xxx/view.asp? Id=1, which is a typical URL, but caused the content of highly repetitive links. For this, the spider climb to the page will feel depressed, which is a link to this content link? Ate so many links, how are the duplicate content? Between this, then you love spiders independent of the original, a long time will also be a scare. The following is a typical example:

B:Robots.txt, most of the Shanghai dragon Er were used here to carry out the phone or page. Such as setting (Disallow: / *? *) to tell the search engines do not access the.


general website program, there are always three generation methods: dynamic pages and static page, pseudo static page generation. However, owing to the formation of many ways lead to different URL display the same content in the resulting index index when the same content search engine to address different URL connection. But don’t feel much be included, highly repetitive content search engine is not love, not to mention the same station, for such content if too much, not by right down to remove the contents, then is the closure of the station. So the webmaster should pay attention to it, to avoid being search engines with a high repetition link content.

This is a binary

discovered a problem, we will solve the problem. For the above problem, in general we basically in two ways: first, URL, second: Robots.txt shield.

how to avoid duplicate URL

Each optimization personnel must learn how to create a key word

the key benefits of using Thesaurus Editing method When many

, 5 fumble search engine on the content sorting techniques, the key observation in the thesaurus by editing content, and user statistics search keyword Lailu, to study such a ranking of the editorial content in common use to analysis extracted, no tail word ranking, two edition, the effect is very good.

2, improve ZhengZhan correlation, because the key key words in the lexicon, are the industry users may search the word, the correlation is very strong.

in Shanghai Longfeng edit website content, do not know what to write here, we must learn to edit key thesaurus, the use is very large, a good webmaster, need to develop good habits, whether it is the latter for editing lexicon or personal webmaster full-time editor is Shanghai dragon a very easy thing.

as a qualified Shanghai dragon, don’t be afraid of trouble, trouble you don’t do the Shanghai dragon, to do the bidding. Shanghai dragon itself is a time after precipitation, and persistence and patience webmaster together, the effective period is relatively slow, but once done, through this period, later will be relatively.

key thesaurus said simply, is that all users of the industry could search words, even if there is no index words are organized into a EXCEL table, when editing the content to form, through the long tail word, this is very good, and editing content value is very large. For example, today around C keywords to write a note, the quality of the content and keyword density, can be very good to grab the long tail words, get traffic.

3, keep visitors, because of which the content is very good, the chain construction site, to guide the user browsing deeper, reduce the rate of jump out.

4, to facilitate the company performance management, according to the analysis of key vocabulary and statistical background traffic, can master a key to bring traffic flexible.

1, editors will not blindly, according to the key words to the combined content of

thus editors will have to write in, not too blind, around the keywords key in the lexicon to form a good title, then according to the keywords to collect or their own original content, so the weight of the site as a whole is very good, such as at present, only some of the large sites are in use. Many people ignore the station, afraid of trouble. I think, build a key thesaurus like this, end of their easy to use, not what the written content in the blind do not know, give yourself a direction and a goal post will be a lot easier.

6 and improve the consultation rate, because the key contents of the thesaurus are the industry users may search words, so the consultation rate will have a significant improvement.

From the road of the development of Shanghai dragon operation angle of vertical portal

second, vertical portal Web2.0, reflects the interaction between users. The general vertical portal interactive columns reflect more is the forum, now also popular quiz platform. If you want to find a rental information, if you go to the comprehensive portal website or forum for public, may look for a needle in the ocean can not find their own, really want information, and to the vertical portal, you can quickly find really want information, and more professional, more credibility and authority. I think the forum ONLYLADY operation is very perfect, the gradual development of Master, mining holding red Master potential model, including the information station, their welfare agency, have stimulated the interaction between users, improve the adhesive. The author thinks that some characteristics of the vertical portal, can

first, vertical portal is the most important job of service. I think the service is the fundamental development of the vertical portal. Unlike the comprehensive portal website, do, do, but can not do fine, they can not be more than the professional vertical portal in solving the needs of users, can not do so professional vertical website. So the vertical portal is to first understand the needs of users, the users can solve what kind of demand, good service users, to help users solve the demand. So whether it is the rich flow of large sites, or no money flow small website, must do a good job of service. To see is to make the user experience from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng, improve the return rate and conversion rate. Customers to buy the service, not to buy your product. Therefore, the service is so important. We are interested can go to experience the salon mall customer service, scold not return, also good service to you, they really do the customer is God’s idea.

service competitiveness and core competitiveness, vertical portals competition, especially the women’s website, much less the number of essential services and need to have the core competitiveness of products. I found many older women flow sites are rich, most of the flow is for advertising, navigation, PPC, I think, these sites once there is no investment, no money, whether can the same exist? I think, the vertical portal to long-term and healthy development the operation, it should be from the following aspects.

vertical portal is one of the most promising industry, the competitive strength of not less than micro-blog, quiz community, regional sites and LBS. A vertical portal has many advantages, segments, professional and strong, with high authority, user paste is high, if coupled with e-commerce, vertical portals can be authoritative and professional content to attract, stimulate and promote the customer’s consumption, to provide customers with one-stop service mode not only, the conversion rate is relatively high, as long as the maintenance and repeat relative will be high. Vertical portal bright ah. Today, the development of the road from the angle of operation of Shanghai Longfeng vertical portals, novice exchanges together, please master flying.

The Internet is simply