Jiangsu how to deal with the phenomenon of large grain production losses

in our lives, there are many large grain, we commonly known as the big farmers, but due to the harsh natural environment this year, resulting in a large number of large grain loss. Jintan District, Changzhou Town, Luo Village large grain Wu Zhiming, contracted 600 acres of farmland transfer, rent per year $800 / acre, the average loss of more than 400 yuan per mu in the first half of this year, a total loss of $200 thousand. He said that this year’s summer grain all surrounding large grain losses, many large fields do not want to return. According to the Yangzhou Municipal Commission for agriculture and Industry Office of the survey, the first half of the city’s largest grain losses reached more than half.

due to scab outbreak, lead to continuous rain and rotten wheat field grain purchase prices, this year the province around the large grain production in general reduction, some localities have abandoned the phenomenon of returning farmland to run away. Provincial Agriculture Commission recently issued a "notice concerning the proper settlement of the current rural land management rights transfer disputes, put forward a series of Countermeasures —

the full implementation of the "real rent money, cash, according to a certain number of rice or wheat as land rent, and settled in the market price of rice and wheat in the listing of the year, the formation of reasonable pricing mechanism. At present, the vast majority of large grain farmers signed a transfer contract with the contractor are denominated in cash, a few years ago, the grain harvest year after year, food prices continued to rise, land rent increase, the province’s many local land rent is more than $800 per acre per year up to 1000 yuan. But it has exposed the reduction of production, the way of rent – all ills risk all the pressure to lease land on one side, and the land outflow households do not bear any risk, resulting in large grain overwhelmed.

Yangzhou Municipal Agriculture Office Deputy Director Chen Jiagen introduced, the rent of rural land circulation in Yangzhou is generally 800 yuan per mu / year, some large rent fields by real rent money, cash, the annual rent is 550 to 600 pounds of rice. Ordinary year difference is not big, but when the grain price fell, the burden of heavy grain significantly reduced. He believes that this approach to account for both sides of the transfer of a reasonable profit, reflecting the risk sharing, the principle of mutual benefit, conducive to the long-term stable development of agricultural scale management, should be a comprehensive promotion.

strictly regulate the circulation of rural land management rights. "Notice" stressed that the provincial Agriculture Commission, all localities should strictly implement the regulations and policies of the rural land management rights transfer the relevant norms of the state and the province, actively guide the rural land circulation, do not engage in the great leap forward, not to engage in coercion, not to engage in administrative whim. Whether or not the right to operate the land circulation, circulation to whom, how long the transfer, what the price of circulation, the farmers themselves, not forced to push.

"according to law, voluntary, paid" is the three principles of the transfer of rural land management rights. But reporters learned in the interview, the village cadres on behalf of the transfer of land transfer contract practice is more common, the reason is that large grain recommended

The opening of a paint store chain 3 marketing strategies


launched a business to join the rich climax, to many small investors has brought new opportunities and opportunities, Xiaobian to recommend a good entrepreneurial project here is to open a paint store, Unlimited Business Opportunities rich market, more secure.

this measured, it is simply a major problem? Professional course is very important, network marketing personnel chains can be said of the whole process are very clear, can introduce very professional marketing in a short period of time to plan, but if the professional from the actual situation of enterprises, professional will the evolution of "systematic errors".


The two families will see how retail retailers

time is different, the operating conditions of each store will be different, and in order to make the business of the shop is better, no matter what kind of special holiday, naturally also need to do a good job of stocking. The passage of time, time shuttle, blink of an eye, the golden nine silver ten, but also to. The farmers are busy with the autumn harvest, while the retailers are busy storing the goods they need. Be well prepared for the double. As a retail household, most of us are looking for a holiday income. So we’ll have to get this bucket of gold.

suppliers of various commodities also began to let us, let us buy their goods at a time, so as to benefit from it. Although the double gold sales cycle, but we have to count the hearts, can not take the risk to follow suit. To look at their own surrounding consumer situation, to find the right marketable, so reasonable stocking. But the festival is a large flow of people, the safety of our shops can not be taken lightly. Should also focus on. Here is a look at the following several retail households on the preparations for the holiday is how to do?

Shandong City, Weifang retail owners Yang boss

you know, we Chinese is a state of ceremonies, the Mid Autumn Festival to most people with small holiday to return home and spend the festival for family reunion.

with the rising flow of returnees, for our retail households is undoubtedly a good thing to do. During the festival, the flow of people, we should be fully prepared to stock. So, I should have had the heart of the purchase plan, that is, the inventory of a variety of goods in the store, and then targeted to store a variety of sources of demand, so that the purpose of the purchase. For the store already existing goods I began to control the amount of purchase, after the holiday season to purchase, as long as the store can sell as long as possible. Do not have too much inventory of goods, so as not to cause a lot of money after the festival, the flow is not open.

Mid Autumn Festival, the University also have a holiday, the business opportunities for our students can not ignore the owner. The students can also bring us a lot of money, because the students are quite different from those of the past 70s. At that time, it is difficult to solve the problem of food and clothing, not to mention what to buy toys and snacks. Now the students are at home, little master, they see no parents do not buy things, most parents are very generous to pay for their children to pay. So this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, children’s business opportunities I have to be very good grasp.

Sichuan retail households Xu boss

shop to do business, especially in the holiday season, we must pay attention to the quality of goods purchased. Because of the arrival of the peak season, some suppliers will be able to give us some loopholes in the poor quality of goods into the store. So in the course of the supply of goods, must be polished >

To have a desire for success and to be prepared for risk

The "double

" policy heatwave, also let many entrepreneurs out of ideas, entrepreneurs and a lot of impulse. This is no good business blindly. Want to start a successful business also need to do a good job of entrepreneurs ready.

however, anyway, Liu Qingfeng stressed, must be prepared in three ways: one is before the start to think clearly what they want. Is to have vision, strategic objectives. This will not be easily defeated by short-term setbacks, give up easily.



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Zhengzhou Central Plains to provide help for college students entrepreneurship

employment problems of college graduates every year will cause concern. In recent years, the state vigorously promote entrepreneurship to promote employment policies to encourage college students to solve the employment problem through entrepreneurship, and achieved good results.

to effectively do the work of employment and entrepreneurship, the Central Plains area Duocuobingju, open channels, tap the potential, to create a good employment environment.

The Central Plains area >

through various initiatives, the employment pressure has been eased to some extent. But there are still low success rate of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship more obstacles and a series of problems, in the practical work, the community will increase the strength of investment, employment for university students to create a harmonious and active atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Small series of proposals to female entrepreneurs

in recent years, in the army of entrepreneurship, we found that more and more female entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs have their unique advantages, entrepreneurial success examples abound. So what do women entrepreneurs need to pay attention to? Here are ten tips for female entrepreneurs.

1, do not start to set their own position is very high, it is necessary to slowly. For example, to open a small commodity store, store location, the items are in line with the tastes of the market, it is not difficult to make money. Of course, the premise is that you have to have that vision.

2, silver is never out of date, and its texture with all types of clothes are very match, there is a huge market potential.

3, a unique aesthetic and design concept is an important basis for the operation of silver shop, which is related to personal talent, sharp business sense of the fundamental success.

4, although a small cost of investment, but still want to establish investment risk awareness. For example, do not think that the store is not much investment, open a store may be enough to fifty thousand, to know that this is only the initial investment, but also need to continue to invest in the future, the key is the rent expensive. Of course, small shops will have a large income, depending on the organic composition of capital, depending on the profit margin, not just look at the size of.

5, many women have entrepreneurial dreams, but it just did some investigation, sort out some information, and then to the lack of like-minded partners, lack of funds, lack of energy, lack of experience and a variety of reasons and died. Success, in the continuous passion.

6, the most important thing is to have a woman entrepreneurship. For example, if you are the 50 thousand pieces for travel, you can also put it into a way of business, you can take pictures, write blogs, and then sold to the fashion magazine for travel money, you can also discover the local specialty or nice clothes and jewelry, and then open a shop on ebay.

7, success consciousness. Entrepreneurial success, first of all depends on the desire to succeed, which is the talent and success should have the prerequisites and the inherent quality, is the so-called do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier".

8, do not think they will buy things will sell things! You’ll find it’s not the same thing.

9, even if you have money, but if you do not have the energy to do it yourself, or do not invest well, especially do not understand the industry.

10, can be a professional consultant for their own diagnosis, clear their entrepreneurial interest, entrepreneurial ability and their personality characteristics, which is conducive to the choice of their own entrepreneurial path.

Wuhan employee loans ceiling raised to 100 thousand yuan

now together among the employees by the government to encourage entrepreneurship, in many places for some employees are given a lot of business facilitation measures in Wuhan, recently raised some workers business loan amount.

28 day, the Wuhan Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a series of real estate workers entrepreneurship incentive policy, the loan amount of not more than 70 thousand yuan, up to $100 thousand.

it is reported that, according to the new policy, the business loan amount never more than 70 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan. Partnership or the establishment of small businesses, can be no more than 100 thousand yuan per person, the total amount of not more than $500 thousand of the amount of bundled loans, giving the maximum amount of interest for the longest 2 years. If you can repay on time, you can give second venture guarantee loans, loan period of up to 2 years, the full discount.

in addition to funding and site support, Wuhan City Federation of trade unions also set up a staff innovation achievement award, the annual investment outstanding achievements and outstanding rationalization of 2 million yuan of funds to reward employee suggestion.

In fact, for many workers


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The prospect of environmental protection industry has a broad prospect of joining the brand

today, a lot of people are very want into the environmental protection industry, but no matter what kind of business are, first we need to make many visits, and a very important day. The location of the shop is also very particular about, then join the environmental protection projects should be how to choose?

to select the residents gathered and population concentrated areas, not less in residents and slower growth in resident area



according to the location of the shop location managementBefore the

to avoid traffic control by location in the street, in front of the shop to a position

for parking


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Open a pasta fast-food franchise business skills

pasta in a large proportion of China’s traditional food culture, food and beverage industry is also small investors willing to invest in the market, now with the Chinese fast food is popular at home, pasta fast-food stores also quickly hot up, because the investment is small, but everyone can do, so also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, then pasta fast food stores how to operate? The whole network introduces some skills. />

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