Details of mountain city Yu Chongqing small investment

Chongqing small noodles in recent years the hot degree in a day, but in the snack food business boutique show, a delicacy of a regional feelings. So join the industry to join the Chongqing side of the problem is particularly small. The following small series targeted to make the following introduction.

Details of

mountain city Chongqing flavor Chongqing investment

How to join the

Chongqing small noodles? Chongqing small noodles join good? Headquarters training? How to find and join a good Chongqing small noodles? With this question, Xiao Bian summed up the relatively hot city to join Chongqing small noodles Chongqing flavor Chongqing small noodles mentioned above, to answer questions.

1, Chongqing small chain to join the chain of what conditions?

for this problem, the company Liu said: the city of Chongqing Chongqing flavor Chongqing joined the chain conditions are very simple, as long as you love Chongqing noodles, love food, like to do a good food to everyone. No technology, we can teach.

of course, in addition to the Chongqing small noodles to join the enthusiasm, but also to have a comprehensive understanding of their own before joining assessment about whether they can afford to store management and operation, whether there is sufficient economic capacity to invest, to bear the possible risks and losses, and make a they can accept the investment budget.

2, Chongqing small to join which good?

choose the franchise, we must look at the store’s brand strength, the strength of the Chongqing side has a variety of security. City, Chongqing city to join the headquarters of the Chongqing side to join the chain work for nearly twenty years, has a strong technical and capital input, professional operating experience and promotion, mature late support.

3, will headquarters training?

joined the mountain Chongqing taste Chongqing small noodles that headquarters will provide professional training for free, each store the whole staff of tracking service, help the franchisee store location, store decoration to the store into the normal operation, let you truly worry free shop. Here no matter you have no experience, through the combination of theory and practice system of teaching and training, can let you quickly grasp the "shop skills", for example, the first preparatory and business in supervision, closing arrangements, will conduct training, let everyone go round a dream.

4, mountain city, Chongqing, Chongqing noodles which are a few join model?

at present, there are mainly three kinds of franchise model, the single model, contains a multi store brand model, city operator model, based on the

Boutique jewelry store business skills sharing

opened a boutique jewelry store is the dream of many young girls. But for investors, in the face of more and more brands available in the market, boutique jewelry industry competition has intensified, for the management of fine jewelry stores, how to shop to get a good development, but also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

fine jewelry stores should remember the market risk, we must take the reality investigation, to join the program provides franchisees with their combined to do its own way to join. Also, you need to understand the trademark propaganda efforts to understand the market trend of the trademark as well as the price of related products, do know, real-time attention to the relevant information industry. The franchisee should pay attention to choose the shop location: according to the reality of their own, can be in the market at a relatively large corner, at the corner of the fork, the flow of people, of course, you can also choose the near future will become cold by the busy street. Select the location of the operation to observe the surrounding neighborhood shops, you can choose to be in the vicinity of the school, so that there can be a joint effect, increase the store traffic.

some of the boutique jewelry stores in the pursuit of the interests of the trademark in the first criterion, began to drill the loopholes in the market to earn the hard-earned money entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, only passion and dream is not enough, but also possess the ability to trap all the piercing eye, beware of joining. First of all, to understand their own to join the trademark, a variety of channels to collect the relevant trademark credibility and the credibility of the trademark trading company. In the website to see the friends of the trademark review, has joined the trademark of the business in the market research is a good way.

boutique jewelry store owner in the actual shop, to the local actual situation as the basis for a reasonable arrangement of promotional activities. This boutique jewelry stores will be able to get a better development.


jewelry industry public good, but also not all open boutique shop people are successful, the fine jewelry stores how to win the competition for profit space problem, several problems summarized above, hope to want to open a fine jewelry stores entrepreneurs who provide some reference and help.

A couple bumpy road of entrepreneurship


of each individual entrepreneurial choice, is a life to gain and loss of victory or defeat is a kind of experience. In November 6th, we came to the twenty-fourth Station – North Street office College community. Here, we understand their bumpy road of entrepreneurship from there and from there who share weal and woe, a group of teachers to see the elderly happy life, in a family of education to the warmth of the old story. In fact, we realize that there are many……

"we were particularly anxious, they have no economic source, the child only a few months old, really too difficult, often in the parents with the help of the scrape." Xu Qiuxia had studied hairdressing technology, want to try a barber shop.

100 thousand yuan to join fresh squeezed juice healthy fashion guide youth market

      small recently on the Internet to see friends are asking if there is 100 thousand yuan, the problem of what to do, very few people think to ourselves, that no experience has no mind to do poineering work is completely impossible, in fact, on the one hand is to venture itself, on the other hand, also we need to correctly choose a good project, with Xiaobian today to see exactly what do 100 thousand yuan.

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to drink

Doing business in the vicinity of these projects are very profitable

we know that the district is relatively large flow of people, there are many business opportunities. Now more and more communities, many people want to do business in the vicinity of the district. In the vicinity of what to do business? Small series for you to introduce suitable for small businesses in the vicinity of the project.

in the area near what business? Beauty salon

women to make themselves more beautiful and more beautiful, not soft money. Especially in recent years, the concept of cosmetic care, slimming beauty and so on through the mass media’s fierce propaganda offensive, greatly inspired the woman’s desire to love nature, and thus the rise of women’s beauty industry. High profits, huge market and difficult to count the annual beauty of new products, high-tech equipment, high-tech equipment, such as the advent of the beauty industry has brought tremendous business opportunities.

in the area near what business? Breakfast stall

in the area near what business? Convenience store


Indiana Jones’s market opportunities do not make stop

entrepreneurial choice to join the women’s market, always very powerful choice. So, the choice of business to join Indiana Jones’s? Brand women, more worthy of trust. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice Indiana Jones women to join the project, is a very powerful brand to join the project selection.

clothing now the most popular on the market than women, so now open shop is also increasing, but the market brand many, want to have a better development will need to choose a good brand to join. Indiana Jones’s design for so many years has been committed to the trend of women’s, can be said that the popularity of women’s styles, can be found in Indiana Jones’s Indiana Jones is Unlimited Business Opportunities women to join the.

28 year old guy to give up the annual salary of 200 thousand successful entrepreneurs

A lot of

entrepreneurial success, but failure is also a lot of, how to succeed in business, this is all of us want to know the problem, take a look at what others are successful, Huang Sheng from a single person, working in state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou, to the pioneering work, struggle in the personal care industry, now buy a house, marry to the beautiful wife, cause love double harvest.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, the small guy 80 after graduation has been working in state-owned enterprises, work light, because there is no contacts in the state-owned enterprises gradually lose interest in work, although the annual salary of 200 thousand, but in Guangzhou is still very far away from the dream house. Resolutely give up the high salary, business venture, to this day, he still felt that this is the most important decision affecting his life.

After graduating from the University of Huang Sheng

2010 Guangzhou, in the state-owned enterprises as a trainee manager. Work, Huang Sheng has not forgotten to charge their own…… 3 years, with his excellent ability to work, from an ordinary staff, to senior, to the Department deputy director, director, deputy manager, the annual salary has reached $200 thousand.

at the beginning of last year, in his career in the rise, Huang Sheng has made a surprising move – to give up 200 thousand of the annual salary of the position, the choice of entrepreneurship in Guangzhou. He took out his savings in the urban areas to join the carpenter family leather shop. At that time, the industry did not invest in this little, do not backlog of goods, but also by the impact of the electricity supplier, so immediately decided to start a shop.

is this chance, let Huang Sheng’s life changed, he found that now with the name, luxury leather goods more and more, leather care market is very large. Everyone loves his bag, plus his own learning technology, hard work, in exchange for a good skill, more and more customers, more and more members. Even some customers from other provinces have to send him a bag to do maintenance.

now, Huang Sheng will carpenter family headquarters launched a new research and development of "neighborhood help" the use of O2O software to the store, mobile phone orders, store services for customers, we can stay at home by clothing and shoe stores to get the care and cleaning services, the whole will be in the form of sending video pictures to the customer personal file to view them, completely transparent, customer trust, and it is convenient to order, and a key control, inventory, membership revenue. Truly Internet plus services, this look, let originally popular business more fire, not to busy every day.

so he is so hard, in the end is not received due return? God is fair, now opened 2 successful stores, at the Guangzhou center in Yuexiu District bought a about 1800000 yuan of housing, marry a beautiful wife. Store opening

Choose the ice cream snack car – how to join a

ice cream is now throughout the year are very popular delicacy, no matter what time we are very love this delicacy, now many small entrepreneurs are love with a small cart to do business, which can effectively save the cost, let people easily realize the cost of small business dreams. Push a snack car, do ice cream business, market demand is quite large, with the gradual increase in temperature, which is also a good project. So, how about an ice cream snack?

How about

ice cream snack car? The car fragrance as an example to introduce its unique, delicious ice cream and seasons all thought of consumption, and not to indulge in it Everything will be fine.

car fragrance in product innovation efforts. Such as: Innovation of equipment and technology, raw material saving, taste more delicate, more smooth, delicious 100, no ice, no frosting, storage period, sales period is greatly enhanced, customers can eat, store, consumers benefit, health 100%. To achieve a variety of rich, diverse, consumers like what tastes have what taste, not to eat greasy, happy hundred percent.

ice cream Chinese abandoned the traditional manufacturing ice cream style, not only colorful ice cream as a summertime cold drink, but from the taste, nutrition and other perspective gives a new cultural connotation, ice cream, soft ice cream machine according to the needs of people with taste, vision, taste, nutrition as the ultimate.

rainbow ice cream machine making ice cream has been a teenage love, perhaps really longing for the icy, or nostalgia to the childlike way of eating, colorful ice cream ice cream machine production in recent years, there are a lot of mature adult workers, also became ice fans.


can have such a car, can business products are many, also can obtain more useful benefits, ice cream snack car to join, choose a good brand, I believe will create a higher market returns to the franchisee. If you want to do a small business, you can also consider selling ice cream. I hope we can introduce how to join the ice cream snack car, you can help.

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Gansu, the development of resources to guide the poor poverty reduction

for people in poor areas, the most important significance of entrepreneurship is to get rid of poverty. According to local conditions, a poor village in Gansu to take advantage of local resources to carry out entrepreneurial work in 3 years to achieve the per capita income more than doubled the initiative.

3 years ago, reporters visit to Dongxiang County of Gansu province Blenheim ditch, a 68, Dongxiang word for "edge" of the village, the annual per capita net income of only 1600 yuan. Recent visit found that the population is more than 9 times the critical line of the carrying capacity of the village, such as this year’s per capita net income of nearly $4000, to achieve overall poverty.

and almost simultaneously, the former village cliff dusty dirt road, now expanded into the cement road, and scattered in the remote mountain area where people have concentrated resettlement, bid farewell to the masses go hard, hard water, power dilemma. Change the appearance of the village, attracting more traders to the mountain corner buying cattle.

like Blenheim village, Gansu Province in poverty alleviation precise diagnosis of cause of poverty, difficulties, accelerate crack water is difficult, with power difficult, difficult problems such as housing, 15 million 670 thousand people drinking water safety is solved, more than 80% administrative villages in 87.52% village road hardening, through dynamic force power. A group of poor villages because of the improvement of the living environment and the "pull the roots of poverty, the masses of industrial development in reducing the cost, increasing opportunities.

two changes: the circulation of local resources wake sleeping village.

"80" Zhang Xiaojun, his hometown in Weiyuan Weihe County village, less than 150 kilometers from the Gansu provincial capital of Lanzhou city. Although the high mountains, Lin Shen, crystal clear water, is rare in seductive, but because of the road through the village is a simple road bed repair, hidden in purdah did not know, should not swim, nor should the industry "".


Entrepreneurs need to know the 7 business advice

entrepreneurs in order to achieve the success of entrepreneurship and there is no way to crash, but learn from the experience and lessons of some successful people, but you can take a lot of detours. The following is a small series of entrepreneurs to sum up some suggestions for entrepreneurs. You can first try to do business before the

A, entrepreneurship, but must not choose a well paid and recruiting a salesman of the company, because the former is not good to do business, the salary is high, the demand is not being recognized or not. A well functioning company must have its own marketing system, how much money you can take depends entirely on the market capacity and occupancy, coupled with your hard work and effort, which often has a ratio, that is, commission. So, you want to find can tell you how much effort to get how much money the company, which is not to go, that is luck, a person a person to luck, because a good operation of the company must have its own financial system, more people more personal wages however, the market is limited, for many people, the boss hearts are.