The national day of Xining domestic market be neither hot nor cold

The seven day National Day holiday, many places during the holidays domestic service market demand is unusually hot, the nanny, part-time have become sought after "xiangbobo" housekeeping staff shortage, wages rose to two or three times the original. Then the city’s domestic service market eleven period and how? To this end, the reporter consulted a number of domestic service companies in the city.

reporter consulted a number of our domestic companies to understand, because many families have to conduct a thorough cleaning of the home use vacation, plus some usually busy working children want to find one for the elderly cleaning, as long as the heart, so the number of holidays every year is the amount of labor, the demand for larger the period. A domestic service staff told reporters that the eleven of them is relatively busy, in mid September when there is eleven people booking holiday service, reservation service project is mainly indoor cleaning, glass cleaning, floor waxing, sofa cleaning lampblack machine, maintenance and cleaning work, but recently people still like to go out on holidays. Especially the eleven seven day holiday, basically have to travel, so their workload is not particularly large, every day is more than three or four service work. The reporter learned that, during the national day of many domestic service companies basically orders are higher than usual about 20%, although some orders increased during the national day, but domestic service personnel are basically not a holiday, only a few people go home for the holidays, usually as long as the service call, they can still send a timely and to do. Did not reach the level of demand, and the salary is relatively usually also does not have what change.  

Third Plenary Session of the spirit of face to face let rural patients to see a doctor more convenie

town center hospital laboratory neat and clean, the doctor is to give an account on the need to do blood tests. Soon, the results came out. The doctor said, as a whole laboratory, like blood routine, urine routine detection instrument is in recent years, with the medical reform.

since the implementation of medical reform, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County’s Town Center Hospital by expanding the inpatient area, the purchase of medical instruments, the new installation of hospital management system, the introduction of high-quality professional medical personnel, a series of measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff, improve the hospital hardware level, enhance their service ability.

is the payment window check Ma Mingbao elderly, because of osteoarthritis disease hospitalized for three days, the old man in the hands of the "Datong County Social Security Bureau of new rural cooperative medical reimbursement statement" clearly shows that the elderly hospitalized a total cost of 597.9 yuan, according to the proportion of 87% out of 520.2 yuan. The elderly pay their own need to bear 77.7 yuan, the charge returned to the hospital when the mortgage cooperative medical care, the elderly discharged smoothly. The payment window hanging on the wall after the first hospitalization settlement flow chart shows that a need for hospitalized patients only need to submit the new rural cooperative medical system and the identity card or account of this, the window of the audit is completed, and then signed a "Datong’s center hospital after the first hospitalization settlement agreement". Can be admitted to hospital. During hospitalization, the hospital will provide a daily list of medical care, the patient will be discharged on the first day of the hospital will inform the settlement matters, and then settle and return documents, patients can be discharged.


who had just paid family members of patients, drug prices of essential drugs zero sales slip commitment book "on the publicity compared with external list and pharmacy hanging", after verification, it is safe to go to the window to take medicine. The pharmacist said, now what kind of drugs needed by the hospital, through the basic drug procurement platform click on the name of the drug, there will be a successful pharmaceutical companies will be sent to the hospital needs.

is for patients with a diagnosis of doctor Zhao Jianhai, skillfully the patient’s name, home address, patients with lumbar muscle strain condition and input the "system" the integrated management of township hospitals, and selected the Huoxuezhitong wantongjingu tablets, capsules, Shujinhuoxue tablets three kinds of drugs from the system. On the table in the printer and immediately print the above information, the patients took the list in the window made for a total of 36.8 yuan, and then take the medicine at the pharmacy window. Wang Shengde Dean introduced, and now the whole process of the town health center and the county hospital consistent, is very standardized.

Zhao said that now is the implementation of the pay for performance appraisal system and elimination system, the two will be deducted money at the end of the assessment score on the first two, will be rewarded. Assessment of the content of the doctor’s attitude to the enthusiasm of the service, whether the patient to fill out the case is complete, small to fill out the prescription is clear and neat handwriting. His last month because of a written prescription is not easy to identify, was suddenly detained four points.


Strict verification of school buses to carry out safety education Xining traffic police heart child

  from the beginning of November 18th, to carry out traffic safety education in Xining City, the traffic police department to send traffic into schools, and strictly check the bus file, promptly banned do not meet the safety requirements of the illegal transfer students (children) of the vehicle, the driver related punishment according to law, safeguard traffic safety in schools and kindergartens.

Three traffic police County four district

Xining city traffic police brigade will be sent into the area of school, school counselors to traffic status, traffic safety knowledge for students, and kindergarten drivers together to carry out safety education; the police on duty in the streets of the thorough investigation of school buses, the school bus driver qualifications, check the number of passengers and other security, ban do not meet the safety requirements of the illegal transfer students or children of the vehicle, the driver related punishment according to law. Strict treatment in the vicinity of the school at whistling, speeding, avoiding violation of provisions and other traffic violations, improve schools and kindergartens in the surrounding road traffic safety facilities, ensure good pedestrian crossing traffic signal near the school, improve the school near the crossing of the setting rate, enhanced clarity.


The province more than 3A scenic cultural flavor

"ancient legend" repertoire, Nu Wa Tianshi, Gelsall Wang plaza…… One is full of legendary stories, myths, characters in the scenic area was vividly restored. At present, the province 3A level scenic spots (79) are integrated into the local cultural elements. Various scenic spots from the non heritage culture, legends, cultural books, performing arts, to promote the integration of culture and tourism, and promote the rapid development of tourism in our province.


Xining City Public Security Bureau will implement motor vehicle driver IC card information managemen

in order to improve the level of road traffic management, and gradually realize the Xining traffic management to science and technology, intelligent, modern transformation. Recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau made on the implementation of the motor vehicle driver IC card information management provisions.

requirements, motor vehicle drivers in the city of Xining on the road to drive a motor vehicle, the driver must carry the management information card, in case of police inspection, should take the initiative to show. In addition, in the payment of traffic fines, to replace, to provide proof of health and to clear the previous year has dealt with traffic violations, must produce the driver management information card. September 3, 2007 to December 31st for the centralized card issuing time, the driver to hold my driver’s license to all the Bank of China in Xining under the jurisdiction of the bank to apply for driver management information card. Management information card once lost, damaged, in the "Qinghai Legal Daily – traffic safety monograph" statement, to Xining city traffic police detachment vehicle administration window procedures for card IC card. (author: Li Jing)


Race each other to acclaim for life

common pursuit

this is a season of life.

Qinghai Lake, Huang fish upstream, complete the relay of life.

Qinghai lake, chasing the dream of a group of bicycle athletes, the Olympic "faster, higher, stronger" spirit of sports, to complete the difficult game.

Huang fish, bicycle athletes, with the common belief, enlightenment, interpretation of the meaning of life.

July 8th, the fourteenth session of the army from Qinghai Lake, along with black horse river, Buha River, bird island, Quan Ji River, 185 km trek, finally arrived at the end point of Gangcha.

Gangcha, the hometown of Huang fish. We say that Gangcha is the hometown of Huang fish, because the main river Huangshui fish migrate Buha River, Shaliuhe, Quanji River in Gangcha.

every year since June, upstream Qinghai Lake Huangshui fish along the Buha River, Shaliu River and other rivers, nurturing new life.

Huang fish migration, this is the miracle of life.

Huang fish migratory road is not flat in our imagination. Flocks of Huang fish not only to alert the river waiting for hunting predators, but also take into account the rapids of the river. If you get the upstream of rain water, several days of hard work all in vain. Even so, they are risking their lives to fulfill the sacred mission of the continuation of the population.

year Huang fish migratory season, spectacular swarms of Huang fish Pibozhanlang, up when our eyes are moist. Huang fish to reproduce, to overcome the difficulties, the sacred mission fought, even at the expense of the accomplishment of life, let us admire.

in Qinghai lake, from the world’s five continents, the pursuit of the dream of the more than and 100 cycling athletes, with the way of riding, to complete a different race.

riding in Qinghai lake, on the Huang fish migration story inspired every athletes. Especially for the Qinghai tianyoude team from Qinghai team, the more intense desire.

Huang fish completed the relay of life in a difficult environment, we should take the Huangshui fish as an example, an exciting game for the hometown folks." Before the start of the game, and this is the faith sentence engraved in every heart of Qinghai tianyoude team.

team left Qinghai Lake, their desire to become more intense. Shortly after the start of the game, the Qinghai team Zhang Jinde tianyoude outstanding group in front, then teammate Wu Shengjun leading a large group of 25 seconds.


didn’t win, but never give up the spirit of the game is just.

in fact, including the day tianyoude team, many athletes, with action interpretation of Huang fish never stop fighting spirit.

common contribution<;

Provident fund loans up to 500 thousand yuan

In September 18th, a reporter from the Xining housing provident fund management center was informed that, in order to solve the housing difficulties of workers housing provident fund deposit, for workers paid provident fund loans to provide more and better facilities, recently, the city will be housing provident fund loans up to a maximum amount of 500 thousand yuan. Not long ago, in order to meet the housing needs of the masses reasonable, curb speculative investment demand, I formulated the opinions on promoting the healthy and stable development of the real estate market, clearly buyers who purchase commodity housing in Xining City, no longer qualified buyers to review, and improve the workers paid the maximum amount of housing provident fund loans, further to improve the housing supply structure and standardize the real estate market, continue to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. According to the city to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market, the Xining housing provident fund management center actively adjust the relevant policy notice on the adjustment of housing provident fund loans, the maximum amount of provident fund loans issued, according to the Xining city housing provident fund management committee approved the adjustment on the maximum amount of housing provident fund loans, since September 1, 2014, I will city housing provident fund personal loans from the highest do not exceed 400 thousand yuan adjustment to a maximum of not more than 500 thousand yuan, the loan amount paid to employees provident fund payment, Shoufu ratio, wage income, the purchase price and other factors on the basis of comprehensive estimates.  

The power supply department supervisor style unannounced visits to Xining City satisfactory

hello! What can we do for you?" A few good supervisors just walked into the Xining power supply company operating room, the staff stood up, smiling. After the start, morals supervisors "difficulties" service, but the service personnel to take it leisurely and unoppressively response, morals supervisors very satisfied.

the afternoon of May 18th, part of the window unit of Xining power supply company organization, make unannounced visits to the supervisor style. After discussion, they chose the east wind supervisor and Xining City West two power supply company and Huangyuan county power supply company. After their morals supervisors diverge, began to make unannounced visits.

in power supply company operating window, wind monitors the identity of the customer, or payment or apply for installation and service personnel, to supply the power to set up some problems and difficulties to find the service personnel, service from the power supply department. But the service staff patiently explained, and actively help customers solve problems, make their morals supervisors a "disappointed". After unannounced visits of the forum, morals supervisors say: "to take to find something wrong with the power company, but we are very satisfied with the results to make unannounced visits." In recent years, the electricity sector continue to standardize and strengthen the service consciousness, service quality has been greatly improved, especially this year the national Power Grid Corp to carry out the "quality service year" activities since the Xining power supply company’s service quality is greatly improved. After that, they supply department supervisor style in the service areas still need improvement, such as individual service personnel to the customer’s explanation is not comprehensive, clear the provincial capital some sidewalk still has a pole problems such as recommendations to the power supply department. Power sector said it would pay attention to and solve as soon as possible. (author: Yuan Zhen)


The first province folk Hehuang farming culture museum in the North District completed

day before the first province Hehuang village farming culture museum in the north area of Xining City Xiang Qu Yuan was completed, the Museum covers an area of 2600 square meters, a total investment of 6 million 800 thousand yuan, is divided into eight sections, about two thousand pieces of collection items.


museum is completed, will provide valuable historical records and image data for the development of our province Hehuang farming culture, and fill the blank of our province no rural farming culture exhibition hall, our province will become a model for the integration of culture and tourism development, to promote our province rural tourism and cultural development inject new vitality so, more and more tourists and the public to enjoy the great beauty of Qinghai magnificent scenery at the same time, feel the beautiful Hehuang Valley farming culture of massiness and charm.

at present, the museum is under intense exhibition, is expected in May 1st officially opened. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong)

Russian circus performances for the audience applause over 50 times

As the Russian circus in Xining people’s Park staged, even on the number of admission, the people’s Park is constantly performing venue of the audience is very full, All seats are occupied. Bring together by tigers, lions, bears and other animal actors from Russia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the actors’ novel, thrilling, exciting circus made every audience applause is not less than 50 times.

yesterday, the circus venue All seats are occupied. even sitting on the audience, some of the stairs on both sides of the channel. The circus staff told reporters that the past few days, the circus performance field attendance is very high, "did not think so fond of the people of Xining circus, many parents with children even came to see the show, which makes us very moved."

the beginning of the show, first is the tiger, the lion majestic-looking debut, the king of beasts are standing on the platform, with the first swing forelimb greeted the audience, then brought a roll, tiger car, jumping mountain and other performances. The monkey followed by appearances, it is played on stilts, with two sticks patrol audience, see his "car" — a bicycle, leaving a thin stick to turn on the bike, to see the monkey pedaling funny, the audience was amused set the whole room roaring with laughter. The two hulking bears is to bring a "Olympic" show to the audience, first launched clumsy-handed steeplechase, although the speed can not, Hantaikeju appearance but amusing. The bear show is extremely high, and come up with their own unique skill: the body fat of parallel bars gymnastics, the first is rolling on the parallel bars, then inverted, reverse, is like a gymnast.

animal actors is very exciting, the acrobats performance is amazing. Two actors carrying a large bar, an actor on the big leaps in the top bar, vacated, continue to make 360 degree flip, flip and other difficult skills, let the audience applaud unable to restrain the emotions. 4 young men in Kazakhstan superb equestrian performances, but also to let the audience applause, single hanging, the horse, Ma Jin Cheng, and so on a ride, so that people see the soul stirring. Many more let the audience hooked is hanging the aerial acrobatics acrobatic silk, CCTV has 3 sets of programs aired, I saw the actors with four hang silk soared into the air, or in the air or is the happy couple, Rondo, wow.

according to the introduction, for the general public into a cultural feast, the organizer launched a series of preferential, 10 (inclusive) above a 30 percent off discount tickets, ticket discounts of 25% off B; the family unit, parents can be free with a child (under 1.4 meters in height, parents no longer enjoy fare discounts); for group purchase by Wo Wo Group, a 32% off discount tickets, ticket discount tickets 27% off B, C 4% off discount. (author: Xiao Jun)